ACO MultiDrain M200PPD

MultiDrain M200PPD is suitable for use in civic pedestrian areas, light use roadways, forecourts and car parks. It is not suitable for carriageways of public roads or motorways. The system comes complete with a wide range of gratings including Brickslot tops, sump unit, accessories and unions for connection to sub-surface drainage.


  • 100% recyclable.
  • Channel design improves flow velocity, promotes self-cleansing.
  • Easily cut to 500 mm lengths.
  • Galvanized edge rail for improved strength.
  • Grating fixing improves hydraulic capacity.
  • Lightweight design is simple and fast to install.
  • Outlet options, gullies, sumps or channel knockouts.
  • Strong and robust channel design.

General information


100% recyclable

Channel design improves flow velocity, promotes self-cleansing

Easily cut to 500 mm lengths

Galvanized edge rail for improved strength

Grating fixing improves hydraulic capacity

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Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_52_24_24 Drainage channels with gratingsPrimary


Q10/180 Drainage channel systems with gratings

Specification data - Drainage channels with gratings

Product Reference

MultiDrain M200PPD


BrickSlot access unit galvanized steel single slot offset

BrickSlot top galvanized steel single slot offset

‘Heelguard™’ ductile iron

‘Heelguard™’ Intercept ductile iron

‘Heelguard™’ Mesh galvanized steel

Intercept-Profile galvanized steel

Intercept ductile iron

Slotted ductile iron

Solid cover ductile iron


160 mm foul air trap

200 mm vertical outlet connector

Sump unit with sediment bucket

Including 200 mm vertical outlet connector.

Universal Endcap

Universal Gully assembly comprising top, base, bucket and grating

Standard product features


Constant invert.

Nominal bore size:

200 mm.


265 mm.

Product Options


- Load class B125:

  • 'HeelGuard™' Mesh galvanized steel.
  • Intercept-Profile galvanized steel.

- Load class C250 (Cars and light vans):

  • 'HeelGuard™' Mesh galvanized steel.
  • Intercept ductile iron.

- Load class D400 (Cars, vans and HGV's, not suitable for carriageways or public roads):

  • 'HeelGuard™' ductile iron.
  • 'HeelGuard™' intercept ductile iron.
  • 'HeelGuard™' Mesh galvanized steel.
  • BrickSlot galvanized steel access unit single slot offset.
  • BrickSlot galvanized steel top single slot offset.
  • Slotted ductile iron.
  • Solid cover ductile iron.

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