ACO KerbDrain® SP380

ACO KerbDrain® SP380

ACO Technologies plc Third party certifications:
  • BSI Kitemark

    BSI Kitemark

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A recycled polymer concrete combined kerb drainage system, 380 mm deep, splayed profile to match a standard SP kerb stone.

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A one-piece, lightweight polymer concrete combined kerb/ drainage unit suitable for draining large catchment areas and bridges, public landscaping, car parking, industrial use and many other applications. ACO KerbDrain conforms to BS EN 1433 load class D400 for kerbside installations.

Can be easily connected to the 405 half battered range via the use of transition units.

KerbDrain is BSI Kitemarked and complies with Specification for Highway Works clause 516.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_93_60_12 Combined drainage and kerb unitsPrimary


Q10/190 Carriageway kerb and drainage channel systems

Specification data - Combined drainage and kerb units

Product Reference

ACO KerbDrain® SP380


500 mm


1000 mm



Access units

Centre Stone Unit

Closing Endcap

Drop Kerb Unit - Left Hand, straight

Drop Kerb Unit - Right Hand, straight

Gully units

'Heelguard' insert

Inlet/ Outlet Endcap with 110 mm drain connector

Perforated centre stone

Rodding Access Unit

Transition unit, 380 Splay to 405 Half Battered, left hand

Transition unit, 380 Splay to 405 Half Battered, right hand

Standard product features

Size (d x w):

380 x 150 mm.

Catchment area:

894 m².

Product Options


Consult manufacturer's literature and insert product reference.


ACO KerbDrain brochure

ACO KerbDrain brochure

Third party certifications

  • Certificate: Kitemark : 538858

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