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ACO HP Gully spigot outlet

The gully outlet is designed to fit into valley gutters and is supplied with a dome grating and a vertical spigot outlet suitable for direct connection to cast iron pipework to BS 416 or BS EN 877 or to PVC ‘O’-ring socket pipe.

General information

LM6 grade aluminium alloy to BS 1490

Uniclass 2015
Pr_65_50_35_37 Gravity rainwater outletsPrimary

R10/26 Rainwater outlets

R10/365 Proprietary rainwater outlets

Specification data - Gravity rainwater outlets
Product Reference

HP Gully spigot outlet



75 mm nominal bore, dome grating.


100 mm nominal bore, dome grating.

Contractor's choice

As drawing ___


Type and direction to suit pipework with suitable adaptors and connections


GO-RR raising ring

115 mm high raising ring for gully outlets.

Contractor's choice

As drawing ___

Standard product features


LM6 grade aluminium alloy to BS 1490.

Secure gratings:

Gratings are secured with stainless steel fixings that require either a socket wrench or spanner for removal and replacement.

Flow rate (35 mm head over outlet body):

  • 3HP-GO: 5.0 L/s.
  • 4HP-GO: 10.4 L/s.

Area drained (rainfall intensity 75 mm/hr):

  • 3HP-GO: 240 m².
  • 4HP-GO: 500 m².


  • 3HP-GO: 3.89 kg.
  • 4HP-GO: 4.02 kg.

Product Options


Gun-metal to BS 1400 available to special order. Gun-metal should be specified for use in conjunction with copper or lead-clad roofs or when connected to copper pipes.


Raising rings:

  • Raising rings are used where it is necessary to raise the level of the dome grating above the outlet body, for example an inverted roof construction.

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