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A range of acoustic fire ventilators designed to guard against noise intrusion and at the same time provide the security of dependable automatic venting in the event of a fire.

General information

As supplied

___ x ___ mm


Galvanised steel

Uniclass 2015 Smoke and heat exhaust control panels (Pr_75_50_18_80)
Specification data
Product Reference

Automatic Fire Ventilator Type: ACDSH4848

1220 x 1220 mm. Weight: 363 kg.

Automatic Fire Ventilator Type: ACDSH4872

1220 x 1830 mm. Weight: 462 kg.

Automatic Fire Ventilator Type: ACDSH4890

1220 x 2290 mm. Weight: 533 kg.

Automatic Fire Ventilator Type: ACDSH4896

1220 x 2440 mm. Weight: 558 kg.

Automatic Fire Ventilator Type: ACDSH6060

1520 x 1520 mm. Weight: 528 kg.

Automatic Fire Ventilator Type: ACDSH6096

1520 x 2440 mm. Weight: 701 kg.

Automatic Fire Ventilator Type: ACDSH66144

1680 x 3660 mm. Weight: 1032 kg.

Automatic Fire Ventilator Type: ACDSH7272

1830 x 2830 mm. Weight: 685 kg.


As supplied

___ x ___ mm


Solenoid operation

Motorised operation

Manual winch operation

Smoke detector actuation

Standard product features

Hold/ release mechanism:

Patented Thermolatch® II positive hold/ release mechanism, which ensures reliable vent operation when a fire occurs and prevents inadvertent opening of the covers caused by wind, building vibrations or other factors.


The latch is equipped with a 74°C fusible link for automatic operation. In the event of a fire, heat breaks the fusible link, allowing powerful lifting mechanisms to open the vent covers instantaneously.


Pull handles are provided for interior or exterior manual operation and heavy duty shock absorbers ensure smooth opening and eliminate the possibility of operational, roofing or structural damage

Acoustic performance:

The vents carry an STC-45 and OITC-37 sound rating and are suitable for concert halls, theatres and other applications.




Galvanised steel.



Product Options


Available in eight standard sizes, consult with Bilco UK for non standard sizes.

Accessories, guards, finishes and fixings:

Consult with Bilco UK for availability, recommendations and details, and to obtain samples.