Access Floor Systems With Bonded Stone Finishes


Access floor system with a bonded stone finish – ultimate load: >12 kN.

The panel comprises of a high density particleboard core with a bonded porcelain tile and galvanized steel tray base. The panel is finished with an acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) edge band.

Features and benefits:

  • Raised access floor to BS EN 12825.
  • Finished floor heights from 73–1200 mm are available using standard pedestals. For heights outside of this range, alternative pedestals are available. Consult manufacturer for details.
  • Available with two or more surface coverings to create a multi-piece panel or surface transition.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_20_70_70 Raised access floor systemsPrimary


K41/130 Raised access floor

Specification data - Raised access floor systems

Product Reference

Access Floor Systems With Bonded Stone Finish – HEB6_P

Surface finish

Consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.




Alpha III

For voids ≥610 mm.

Alpha V

For voids between 25–610 mm.


Nickel plated





Acoustic pedestal adhesive

Manufacturer's standard



Pivot-head adaptors


1.5 mm screw down stringer system

Underfloor plenum

Not required


Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Thickness: 48 mm.
  • System weight: 61.5 kg/m².
  • Panel size: 600 x 600 mm.
  • Core material: 38 mm high density particle board.
  • Category: Loose lay.
  • Fire reaction (to EN 13501-1): Bfl-s1.
  • Fire resistance (to EN 13502-2): REI 60.
  • Impact sound insulation (Lnfw): 50 dB.

Product Options


Steel pedestals are coated with an environmentally friendly clear passivation as standard.


Stringers are required along the edge of full and cut panels at all perimeters and transitions. Where stringers are unable to be installed, use additional pedestals 300 mm on centre along the entire perimeter.

Underfloor plenum:

The system can be supplied with neoprene gaskets to minimize air loss through the raised floor surface from the underfloor plenum to aid air circulation, distribution and management.


HEB6_P (Bonded Stone Access Floor)

HEB6_P (Bonded Stone Access Floor)

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