AA®100 Aluminium 50 mm Stick Curtain Wall System

A stick-frame assembly with weather performance achieved by drainage and ventilation of the glazing rebates. Drainage and ventilation is achieved via the mullion or via each individual transom on zone drained.

The system is available in a variety of mullion depths with seven thermal break options, including an enhanced thermal performance option and aesthetic external capping. The system has outstanding performance, and its ease of installation makes it possible to suit individual project requirements.

The AA®100 is suitable for vertical and sloped applications (down to 7°), including faceted walls.

General information



Permacover anodized to BS 3987

Permacover polyester powder-coated to BS 6495

Uniclass 2015

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H11/110 Curtain walling

Specification data - Stick curtain walling systems

Product Reference

AA®100 Aluminium 50 mm Stick Curtain Wall System


Fully capped and pressure-plated system

Fully structurally silicone-glazed

Horizontally capped/ vertically silicone-glazed/ rubberized pressure plate

Vertically capped/ horizontally silicone-glazed/ rubberized pressure plate


Insert requirements.

Glazing/ infill thickness

4–50 mm glazing thickness. Structurally silicone-glazed can accommodate 26–37 mm infill.





Permacover anodized to BS 3987

Permacover polyester powder-coated to BS 6495




Insert requirements.


Insert requirements.

Film thickness

40 micrometres

60 micrometres

80 micrometres

Product Options

Product reference:

- AA100 Fully Capped System:

The standard most commonly specified curtain wall in the Kawneer range, this variant is a fully pressure-plated, dry-glazed system that can be both zone and mullion. The comprehensive range of mullions and transoms allow facades to be designed with minimal structural support. The variety of different face caps allows the specifier to create a feature using the cap; bespoke options are available upon request.

  • Concealed drainage offering better aesthetics.
  • Maximum glazing up to 50 mm.
  • Large choice of face caps to enable total design flexibility to suite individual aesthetic requirements.
  • Bespoke face caps available (subject to approval).
  • Fire-resistant solution providing uniformity of the facade in accordance with Pr EN 1364-3, with up to 30 minutes' integrity and insulation.
  • Patented transom overlap detail which gives the uniform aesthetic finish.
  • Tested and certified in accordance with CWCT Sequence B.
  • Range of mullion, transom and face cap options with 50 mm sightlines.
  • Enhanced thermal performance to meet or exceed current Building Regulations (E&W).
  • Incorporates AA®130 Brise Soleil System.
  • Facilitates the integration of opening window products, including a concealed vent option.

- AA®100 HC/ VC (Horizontal/ Vertical Cap):

The Horizontal/ Vertical Cap provides the specifier with the opportunity to highlight the horizontal or vertical features across the building envelope, and gives the building its individual signature. The capped section, whether it is horizontal or vertical, stays the same as with any standard capped AA100 system. The adjacent transom or mullion can be either a structural silicone joint or a low profile EPDM gasket system, creating the appearance of a glass-to-glass join.

- AA®100 Structurally Silicone Glazed (SSG):

The AA®100 SSG is a system which allows glazing of the curtain walling to be achieved without the use of visible face caps, giving an aesthetically pleasing appearance with flush glazing to the exterior. It also offers the benefit of reduced on-site installation time, making the AA®100 SSG a more cost-effective solution. The glazing units are constructed with the use of structural silicone sealant, and contain an integrated channel profile around the perimeter. Toggle clips positioned on the mullions and transoms locate into the channel profile and provide the mechanical retention to secure the pane to the curtain wall. This offers a specifier the assurance and peace of mind of a guaranteed installation. The glazing unit is deadload supported by the transom, using a combination of setting blocks and glass supports, with the final aesthetics of the facade being enhanced by use of a flush seal between the glass units, by means of a UV-resistant weatherproofing silicone sealant.

  • Dry jointing method using specially designed EPDM moulding.
  • Mullion drainage only.
  • Glazing from 26–37 mm for increased design flexibility.
  • Thermal performance can meet current Building Regulations (E&W).
  • Tested and certified in accordance with CWCT Sequence B.
  • Maximized structural capability and design with a range of mullions and transoms.
  • Integration with both AA®100 and AA®110 curtain wall systems.
  • Glazing retained using a toggle system.
  • Silicone-sealed glass-to-glass joint.
  • Maximum screen height of 16 m.


- Zone drained:

Zone drainage systems feature simple butt-jointed mullions and transoms, with each panel acting as an individual unit. Drainage and ventilation slots are located in the vertical pressure plate. Transoms are square cut at the ends to incorporate EPDM mouldings and gaskets to maintain each zone. Transoms are fitted with a ‘Batman gasket’ to maintain the thermal performance. Each panel is individually pressure equalized and drained via its transom, enabling the curtain wall to quickly react to fluctuating wind pressure.

- Mullion drained:

Mullion (or point) drainage systems feature overlapping joints. Drainage and ventilation slots are located in the vertical pressure plate. Transoms are overlapped to the mullion, which incorporates an EPDM gasket to seal between mullion and transom. Transoms are fitted with a ‘Batman gasket’ to maintain the thermal performance. Suitable for slope glazing and for SSG.

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