A8000 Vertical Platform Lift

Screw driven vertical platform lift which can travel up to a maximum height of 13 m with up to six landing doors on any of the three non-machine sides. The A8000 is a flexible and robust lift with an increased rated load of 1000 kg. The larger platform and capacity makes this lift ideal for carrying heavy loads as well as providing wheelchair or disabled access to different floors of a building.

The A8000 is driven by the tried and tested screw and nut drive system which has been utilized to great effect for many years on the successful A5000 range of platform lifts. With its larger capacity and size, but with all the advantages of a platform lift such as a minimal 130 mm floor recess and a reduced headroom above the top floor level of 2400 mm, the A8000 really offers the best of both worlds.

The standard size platform is 1405 x 1980 mm. This can be increased to 1405 x 2480 mm with a 1300 mm wide entrance which covers the Class III health-care sizes for two persons and a bed, as required in many care homes and medical centres. The larger capacity and robust design also lends itself to commercial buildings as well as factories, warehouses and restaurants. As with all lifts of this type, the controls on the platform are hold-to-run, but automatic one-touch call buttons are provided on the landings for ease of operation.

Features and benefits:

  • 1000 kg capacity.
  • Available in three standard sizes.
  • 1000 mm, 1200 mm or 1300 mm wide entrances.
  • Optional one hour steel fire rated doors.
  • Doors and shaft powder coated to any standard RAL colour.
  • Glazed shaft option available.
  • Lifting beam required.
  • 130 mm floor recess required.
  • No separate machine room or control box required.
  • Automatic LED shaft lighting to reduce power consumption.
  • One-touch landing call buttons.
  • All control buttons are tactile.

General information


RAL 9016


The fastest installation time of its kind on the market, between 3 and 4 days


Powder coated


Steel, Aluminium




1405 x 2480 mm

1405 x 1980 mm

1595 x 2335 mm


2 or 5 year manufacturer's warranty

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_80_47_95 Vertical lifting platformsPrimary


X12/110 Vertical lifting platform systems

Specification data - Vertical lifting platforms

Product Reference

A8000 Vertical Platform Lift

Platform size (w x l)

1105 x 2180 mm

1630 x 2380 mm (w x l) floor area requirement.

1405 x 1980 mm

1930 x 2180 mm (w x l) floor area requirement.

1405 x 2480 mm

1930 x 2680 mm (w x l) floor area requirement.

Landing doors


Fully glazed steel doors.


Fully glazed door with mid bar.


Fire door (one hour certified).




Standard, powder coated white, RAL 9016 inside and outside.

Finish/ Colour

Manufacturer's standard

Special order

Insert requirements.


Insert requirements.

Standard product features


  • Finish: Powder coated metallic silver RAL 9006.
  • Facia: 1100 mm high with control panel to one long side.

Floor covering:

Non-slip rubber, grey

Entrance configuration:

Single, through and adjacent entry.

Rated load:

1000 kg.

Speed (approximate):

0.15 m/s.

Travel (maximum):

3000 mm (maximum of 13 m floor to floor travel).

Number of floors (maximum):

Two - ground and first floors (maximum of six different entrance levels).


Screw and rotating nut driven by 4.0 kW 'variable frequency' motor.

Control logic:

Constant pressure controls from platform. One touch controls from landing.


  • Floor, alarm and emergency stop buttons on platform.
  • Call push buttons at each landing.
  • All push buttons are illuminated with a raised profile.


Includes ceiling with automatic lighting.


Smooth moulded anodised aluminium handrail fitted to console.

Landing doors:

  • Opening size: 1300 x 2000 mm single swing door (w x h).
  • Finish: Powder coated white, RAL 9016.
  • Operation: One touch control from landings with red / green halo illumination.
  • Push buttons: Large easy to use tactile push buttons.
  • Audible indication: Voice announcer informs of lift arrival.

Safety features:

  • Emergency lowering: Battery operated emergency lowering.
  • Overload: Protection with visual and audible indication.
  • Safety edges: Fitted around sides of platform and above the carriage.

Space requirements:

  • Headroom: 2400 mm.
  • Pit depth: 130 mm, or can be used with provided ramp.

Power supply:

415 V three phase, 50 Hz, permanent 20 A rotary lockable isolator.

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