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A cost effective solution for enabling accessibility for both existing and new residential and commercial buildings. There is no requirement for an external machine room as the lift is based on a screw and nut drive mechanism with all the machinery installed internally.

The stylish enclosed cabin provides a comfortable and smooth ride whilst still keeping elegant aesthetics at the forefront of design. The A6000 boasts a combination of the latest technology combined with a high quality finish, which shows in the soft start and stop with a gentle change from full speed to slowing and stopping, ensuring passengers experience a smooth and comfortable ride.

Easy to install, the A6000 is the perfect solution where a conventional lift is not a viable option.

Features and benefits:

  • 400 kg rated load, five persons.
  • Fully enclosed cabin.
  • Insulated engine to ensure a quiet ride.
  • Automatic and LED lighting to reduce power consumption.
  • Travel height 13 metres, six landings.
  • Auto run controls.
  • Integrated mirror on lift car wall.
  • Shaft panels in powder coated steel.
  • Shaft door in steel with panoramic glass.
  • Soft start and stop screw drive.
  • 70 mm recess or ramp to lower level.

General information

RAL 9016


Insulated drive system to ensure a quiet ride


2 or 5 year manufacturer's warranty

Uniclass 2015
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Product Reference

A6000 Cabin Platform Lift


Insert requirements.

Standard product features


  • Car size: 1100 x 1400 x 2200 mm.
  • Finish: Powder coated white, RAL 9016 with integrated mirror.

Floor covering:

Non-slip rubber grey.

Entrance configuration:

Single entry and through entry.

Rated load:

400 kg.

Speed (approximate):

0.15 m/s.

Travel (maximum):

3300 mm (maximum of 13 m floor to floor travel).

Number of floors (maximum):

Two. (Maximum of six floors).


Screw and rotating nut driven by 4.0 kW AC motor.

Control logic:



  • Floor, alarm and emergency stop buttons in cabin.
  • Call push buttons at each landing.
  • All push buttons are illuminated with a raised profile.


  • Steel shaft finished in white, RAL 9016 inside and outside. Includes ceiling with LED lighting.
  • Cabin steel panels finished in white RAL 9016. Including ceiling with LED lighting.


Smooth moulded anodized aluminium handrail fitted to console.

Cabin Doors:

  • Type: Bi-folding finished in white RAL 9016.
  • Opening size: 900 X 2000 mm (w x h).

Landing doors:

  • Type: AL4 fully glazed aluminium manual opening single swing doors with integrated self-closers.
  • Opening size: 900 x 2000 mm (w x h).
  • Finish: Door and frame in natural anodized aluminium finish.
  • Operation: One touch control.
  • Push buttons: Large easy to use tactile push buttons with red/ green halo illumination.
  • Audible indication: Voice announcer informs of lift arrival.

Safety features:

  • Emergency lowering: Battery operated emergency lowering.
  • Overload: Protection with visual and audible indication.
  • Light curtain: Light curtain protection to cabin door opening.

Power supply:

415 V three phase, 50 Hz, 20 A lockable isolator with soft start and stop.

Space requirements:

  • Floor area: 1550 x 1760 mm (w x l).
  • Headroom: 2500 mm.
  • Pit depth: 70 mm, or can be used with provided ramp.

Digital objects
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- 1 2.0
Revit 2016 1 2.0
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