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Vertical hydraulic platform lift operated internally by push buttons on the platform. The A3000 can be operated just as easily by a wheelchair user or by a wheelchair passenger and an attendant.

With a hydraulic remote power pack and a stylish, sophisticated appearance, the unit travels between levels smoothly and quietly. It is a simple to use and easy to install solution which allows access between different levels both internally and externally.

Operated by manual or automatic power operated doors/ gates, the wheelchair user enters the unit with the doors/ gates closing behind them. This lift offers a safe, convenient and reliable means of ascending and descending between floors.

Features and benefits:

  • Quiet and smooth operation.
  • Steel fire rated doors.
  • Shaft and doors can be powder coated to any standard RAL colour.
  • Glazed shaft option available.
  • No requirement for a lifting beam at the upper level.
  • 85 mm recess or ramp available to the lower level.
  • Automatic shaft lighting or LED lighting to reduce power consumption.
  • One touch landing call buttons.

General information

Carriage panel: Standard ABS pearl finish

Steel work: High quality textured powder coat finish

Uniclass 2015
Vertical lifting platforms (Pr_65_80_47_95)Primary
Specification data - Vertical lifting platforms
Product Reference

A3000 Vertical Hydraulic Platform Lift

Size (w x l)

900 x 1250 mm

1120 x 1400 mm shaft size.

900 x 1400 mm

1120 X 1550 mm shaft size.

1100 x 1400 mm

1320 x 1550 mm shaft size.

Door -
Lower landing

Fully glazed swing door with hydraulic door closer

Glazed with lower solid section swing door with hydraulic door closer

Power operated centre opening doors

Upper landing

1025 x 1100 mm glazed gate with hydraulic door closer

For travels up to 3000 mm travel.

970 x 1100 mm power operated centre opening gate

For travels up to 3000 mm travel.

1025 x 2000 mm fully glazed swing door with hydraulic door closer

1025 x 2000 mm glazed with lower solid section swing door with hydraulic door closer

970 x 2000 mm power operated centre opening doors


Goose Grey (BS 00 A 05)

Honey Beige (BS 08 C 17)

Pearl Grey (BS 22 E 15)

Dark Sapphire Blue (RAL 5003)

Special order

Insert requirement.


Insert requirements.

Standard product features


  • Carriage panel: Standard ABS pearl finish.
  • Steel work: High quality textured powder coat finish.

Floor covering:

Non-slip rubber, black.

Rated load:

  • 900 x 1250 mm: 400 kg.
  • 900 x 1400mm: 400 kg.
  • 1100 x 1400 mm: 400 kg.

Travel (maximum):

  • With gate: 3000 mm.
  • With door: 6000 mm.

Pit depth:

85 mm, or can be used with provided ramp.

Number of floors (maximum):



Direct acting hydraulic.


  • Up, down, stop and alarm buttons on platform.
  • Call push buttons at each landing.
  • All push buttons are illuminated with a raised profile.


Steel infill to lower section/ full glass enclosure.

Pump/ motor housing:

Steel locked cabinet located within 5 m of the unit, 800 x 1125 x 350 mm (w x h x d).


Fitted on platform to assist user when entering or exiting the lift.

Lower landing door:

Opening size: 1025 x 2000 mm single swing door (w x h).

Safety features:

  • Pipe break valve: Fitted to the cylinder to arrest any fall in the unlikely event of a pipe rupture.
  • Hand lowering: From the lowest level bringing the trapped person towards the rescuer.
  • Emergency access: By special supplied key through the entrance doors to the lift.
  • Emergency lowering: Simple hydraulic valve located in control cabinet.
  • Emergency stop button: Fitted to the platform console.
  • Safety edges: Provided around the edge of the platform and also between carriage and shaft wall to stop travel if contact is made.

Power supply:

240 V single phase, 50 Hz, 13 A lockable isolator.

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