9431 Commander Electromagnetic Floor Spring

9431 Commander Electromagnetic Floor Spring

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Allgood plc

Electromagnetic floor spring to BS EN 1155.

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The Allgood type 9431 Commander fixed power, floor spring, incorporates a micro-adjustable toe-in and exclusive levelling device.

Units are supplied with a 50 mm deep box and 3.0 m long cable.

Features and benefits:

  • The unit will hold at any angle beyond 75°.
  • A test button should be located near the unit, for mechanical release, the door is pulled towards the closed position.
  • The Commander electromagnetic floor spring is operated with a 24 V d.c. supply and is fail-safe; in the event of a power failure the unit will close automatically.
  • The floor spring is supplied with a Gel pack XX9231XG as standard, which seals the floor spring unit in the floor box.
  • All floor springs will carry door masses up to 250 kg (single action) and 400 kg (double action).


  • Independently tested and complies with the requirements of BS EN 1155.
  • Classification coding: 3-8-4-1-1-3.
  • CE marked certificate.
  • Units are Certifire approved.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_75_30_30_28 Emergency door release mechanismsPrimary


P21/16 Electromagnetic hold open/ Swing-Free devices

P21/471 Electromagnetic hold open/ swing free devices

Specification data - Emergency door release mechanisms

Product Reference


Electromagnetic floor spring mechanism and floor box.

Floor spring cover plate finish


Simulated bronze.


Satin stainless steel.


Satin stainless steel.


Not required


Floor spring cover plate.

Top centre and bottom strap

Not required

9231STC6 and 9231SBS6

Single action 16 mm offset top centre and bottom strap.

9231STC5 and 9231SBS5

Single action 25 mm offset top centre and bottom strap.

9231DTC and 9231DBS

Double action adjustable top centre and bottom strap.


Not required


Extension spindle, 18 mm clearance.


Extension spindle, 28 mm clearance.


Extension spindle, 33 mm clearance.

Carpet tray

Not required


Gel pack

Not required


Standard product features

Power classification:

BS EN Power class: Fixed 4.

Third party certifications
  • Tested : Independently tested and complies with the requirements of BS EN 1155
  • CE: Marked - Approved
  • Approved
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