631 BCO Foil Faced H+V Lamella

Mayplas H+V Lamella is designed for the thermal and acoustic insulation of heating and ventilation pipes, ducts and vessels. The rock fibre lamella offers good compressive strength and integrity of insulation thickness, particularly around corners of rectangular units.


  • Class 0 foil facing.
  • 33 or 45 kg/m³ density.
  • Maintains integrity around corners.
  • Excellent insulation performance.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_80_77_76_54 Mineral wool pipe section insulationPrimary


S90/55 Insulation to pipelines

S90/570 Insulation to pipelines

T90/450 Insulation to pipelines to control heat loss

T90/58 Insulation to pipelines to control heat loss

Specification data - Mineral wool pipe section insulation

Product Reference

631 BCO Foil Faced H+V Lamella


25 mm

30 mm

40 mm

50 mm

60 mm

80 mm

Standard product features

Roll width:

1200 mm.

Product Options

Maximum operating temperature:


Thermal conductivity:

  • 33 kg/m³: 0.037 W/mK (10°C); 0.045 W/mK (50°C).
  • 45 kg/m³: 0.035 W/mK (10°C); 0.042 W/mK (50°C).

Fire rating of base fibre:

Non combustible to BS EN 476-4 1970 (1984).

BCO foil facing:

  • Aluminium foil/ glass fibre scrim/ polyethylene laminate.
  • Moisture vapour resistance: 1710 MNs/g.
  • Class I surface spread of flame to BS EN 476-7.
  • Class 0 to the Building Regulations (E&W) 1991.

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