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For irrigating planting systems, new and existing schemes.


500 L tank plantroom – irrigation system.

Effective irrigation is required to maintain healthy plant growth. The use of modern technology and ‘smart’ design ensures that the right amount of water is used for each application – helping to utilize this valuable resource efficiently. Scotscape's scope of work is broad, including designing and installing irrigation systems for large commercial projects, domestic gardens, living walls and green roofs.

They are able to cover all technical aspects of the scheme from the installation of rainwater harvesting tanks and filters, to the specification of misters and pressure-regulated pipe work which will deliver water to the correct area at the right time.

Features and benefits:

  • Scotscape interfaces with existing mechanical and electoral consultants to deliver intelligent irrigation solutions.
  • We produce schematic plans and all technical specifications for each and every project
  • Scotscape provide user friendly operation manuals to all clients and in addition specialist teams are always on hand ready to assist.
  • Warranties are offered against every irrigation system installed entirely by Scotscape and maintained by Scotscape.
  • ‘Smart Irrigation Technologies ’available include remote monitoring; remote sensing; remote control of water usage and alarms.

Typical irrigation system components:

  • Break Tank-500 L.
  • Pump- Groudfos CM3-5
  • Plant feed pump - Dosatron D3GL.2.
  • Irrigation controller –Hydrawise.
  • Pump start relay – LWS Irrigation (exterior pump).
  • Flow meter – Arad 0.25 pulse per litre.
  • Solenoid Valves . RB100.DV.DS Solenoid.
  • Non return valves.
  • Manifold Set -Dura.
  • Gate valves -Plasson.
  • 25 mm MDP PIPE / 16 mm LDPE pipe - Centraltubi.
  • 25 mm Agrifit Compression Fittings - Plasson.
  • Pipe fittings. Hansen.
  • XB PC Emitters (2L/h and 4L/h) – Rainbird.
  • Connectors – Barbed.
  • 25/ 16 mm pipe clips
  • Ratchet pipe clamps
  • Filter 3/4inch 100 MICRON FILTER - Amiad.


For irrigating planting systems, new and existing schemes.

General information

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S14/110 Irrigation system

Specification data - Plastics divided modular units

Product Reference

500 L Tank Plantroom

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Break tank size (l x w x h): 1200 x 500 x 1050 mm.
  • Feed tank (l x w x h): 600 x 240 x 480 mm.
  • Capacity: 500 L (110 gallons). 65 L (14 gallons) for feed tank.

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