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432 Series Floor Expansion Joint System

The 432 floor expansion joint cover accommodates horizontal, vertical and shear seismic movement. Ideal system for use with carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile and other floor finishes. The 432 is engineered with exposed hardware which provides simple accessibility for joint maintenance and inspection.

Features & Benefits:

  • Accommodates horizontal, vertical and shear seismic movement
  • Centering bar keeps plate positioned over joint during cycling
  • Sloped and tapered center plate provides a smooth transition that is ADA compliant.
  • Ideal system for use with carpet, vinyl, and other floor finishes to create a greatly reduced sightline.
  • 432 features exposed hardware.
  • No-Bump system without side gaps that trap dirt and debris.

Key specs:

  • Floor/Floor, Floor/Wall Conditions
  • Movement: +/- 50%
  • Joint width: 1"-8" (25mm-200mm)
  • Optional vapor barrier
  • Optional fire rated
  • Sheer movement unlimited
  • Provides a reduced sight-line

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Revit 2017 1 2.0
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