Multifold Gates


Service bays, loading bays and car park entrances. Suitable for securing entrances whilst also providing the maximum amount of ventilation necessary to allow exhaust fumes to escape.


Metal multi-fold leaf gates, available in a standard format or purpose-made to suit individual project requirements, to interface with and complement external building features.

The gates offer practicality when there is limited side, head or back room which rules out rolling, overhead, hinged or sliding gates. As the gates are sideways-opening, the leading edges are in constant view, and therefore less prone to damage from vehicles passing through the opening.

The operation is straightforward and avoids the need for cables, springs, etc., thus avoiding high maintenance after installation.

Features and benefits:

  • Gate leaves: the gate leaves are available in various designs, but typically comprise a 60 x 40 mm rectangular hollow section (RHS) perimeter frame with 25 mm diameter tubes, or 25 mm square hollow section (SHS) uprights at 125 mm centres. Higher gates have a mid-rail for strengthening purposes.
  • Tracks: the gate leaves are hung on four-wheel, trolley-bearing hangers which incorporate the panel hinges, and run on a galvanized top track. An auxiliary top track is attached to allow the leaves to fold correctly.
  • Brass rollers connected to the bottom hinges run in a steel channel bottom track, which is set for alignment within a 200 x 75 mm chase before finally being grouted into position.
  • Gate arrangements: the gates are normally face-fixed to the inside of the opening, but can be arranged to mount directly between jambs. They can be supplied as a single (bunching to one side) or bi-parting gate.
  • Operation: the gates are electrically operated as standard, using a totally enclosed three-phase motor gearbox mounted on the top track with 'open/ close/ stop' push-buttons adjacent to the opening at the slam side. Disconnection or emergency manual operation is provided at low level adjacent to the motor. Safety edges are fitted as standard to the leading edges.

General information


Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.


A range of RAL colours available.



Polyester powder-coated, RAL

Standard, consult manufacturer for options and insert requirements.

Special order

Insert requirement, client cladding can be incorporated.


Carbon steel


Manufactured to suit client opening dimensions.



12 months

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_34_14 Carbon steel gatesPrimary
Ss_25_32_35_30 Folding gate systems


Pr_30_59_34_14 Loose laid gas retardant damp proofing


L20/620 Collapsible gates/ grilles

L20/60 Doors

Product range


Specification data - Carbon steel gates Enhanced data




Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.



Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.


Gate leaves

25 mm diameter tubes.

25 mm square hollow section (SHS) uprights.

60 x 40 mm rectangular hollow section (RHS) perimeter frame.

Finish as delivered


Applied finish

Polyester powder-coated, RAL.

Special order.

Product Reference

Multifold Gates


Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.



Available up to 24 x 8 m.

Single gate.

Available up to 12 x 8 m.

Gate fixing

Face-fixed to the inside of the opening.


Mounted directly between jambs.


The number of panels varies between two and ten, depending on opening width.


35 kg/m².

Varies depending on gate leaf design, typically 35 kg/m².


Bottom rolling.



Loop detectors.


Remote control.

Timer close.

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Environmental information

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


Multifold Gates

Multifold Gates

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