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Oy Lunawood Ltd

Lunawood is the pioneer and global market leader of Thermowood. We love the forest, its untamed freedom and its incomparable strength. The company’s status is based on the high-quality products, reliable customer service and professional employees. Our mission is to re-connect nature with people in urban environments. We bring the soothing effect of the forest available to all. Our mills in Finland transform the very best Nordic pine and spruce into beautiful and long-lasting Thermowood. It is the ideal foundation and the perfect material for an ecological, organic and healthy way of designing, building and living. Every Lunawood product is an authentic piece of Nordic forest and is the result of years of dedication to sustainability. Non-toxic Thermowood is suitable for all climates and types of weather. It is dimensionally stable and resin free. These unique properties inspire architects and builders to create amazing and versatile projects around the world. Lunawood Thermowood production started in 2002. Today company employs 100 professionals in Finland, at production units in Iisalmi, Kaskinen and Joensuu, as well as at its Lahti head office and in main export markets. In 2019 Lunawood’s turnover was EUR 49 million.

Showing 1-20 of 20