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arta Wood Chair

artas design mainly aims at combining the harmonious character of wood natural, warm and comfortable with future technological demands. It is extremely versatile for applications in public areas: ranging from hotel restaurants, places of worship, museums and galleries, multi-purpose areas and halls for different types of events. Due to its freely moving backrest and the slim frame the chair appears light and elegant. The ergonomic shape of the shell guarantees maximum seating comfort. artas high standard of quality is not only reflected in its design, but also in its construction and use of materials. The construction is notable for its sturdy, long-lasting quality. All wooden parts come from local sustainable and ecologically managed renewable forests (PEFC-certified wood).

BS 5459-2:2000+A2:2008

Specification for performance requirements and tests for office furniture. Office pedestal seating for use by persons weighing up to 150 kg and for use up to 24 hours a day, including type-approval tests for individual components.

cage Cabinet System

A cabinet system that impresses with its striking design language and authentic blend of materials, cage is the perfect solution for storage space and zoning. A square profile tubular frame redefines a room and sets new accents in the space. Open and closed modules, horizontal and vertical cubes and a choice of unusual materials open up a wealth of options for specifiers. Based on a distinct grid design, the cage system allows designers to create combinations that zone and structure the space. A corner shelf element creates a natural transition between two components. Using a great variety of materials, finishes and colours, cage gives designers and architects plenty of scope to create the look they want.

clip table

Universal in application, with a high standard of design and quality, yet realistically affordable. These attributes clearly distinguish the clip table range from the tables usually offered on the market. clip impresses with its neutral and reduced design that blends well with various architectural styles. In combination with its high functionality, clip commends itself for all possible applications in a building.

DIN EN 1335

European standard for office chairs. Certificate ensures the specified dimensions, safety requirements and test criteria are accurate. Tested according to: DIN EN 1335-1:2002 DIN EN 1335-2:2010 DIN EN 1335-3:2009 ZEK 01.4-08

element Lounge Seating

The lounge and collaboration zone is the perfect space for impromptu meetings or just to find a bit of peace and quiet. The element modular upholstered furniture programme was specially developed for lounge and collaboration zones in open-plan offices. The backrest elements can be fitted vertically one on top of the other individually and in different combinations. The height of the upholstered backrest determines the degree of visual and acoustic screening. Spatially, element can be grouped in different combinations, from the individual sofa to large configurations, making it particularly suitable for new forms of communication, as a place to withdraw to or as a temporary workstation.

EN 1021-1 and EN 1021-2

Determination of the burning behaviour according to ÖNORM B 3825, ignition according to EN 1021-1 and EN 1021-2, as well as the smoke emission according to ÖNORM A 3800-1. Material used in testing was anonymized for laboratory purposes. A detailed sample list is contained in the report.

etio Workstation & Bench Desk System

With etio, Wiesner-Hager has developed an office desking range with emotional appeal that promotes efficient working within a stimulating and energising environment. The table boasts a distinctive A-shaped aluminium leg frame; the height of the table top is easily adjustable. Screens of varying shapes and materials ensure the required level of privacy. Screens can be added using an organiser rail mounted to the table top. A beautifully designed pedestal and a flat pencil drawer help storing any personal items and stationery.

IS-OETI 10100

Wiesner-Hager is granted authorization according to IS-OETI TESTED 10100 - resistance to disinfection agents - to use the IS-OETI TESTED signet for the polypropylene seat shells for the nooi chair family. These seat shells are resistant to customary alcoholic, aldehyde, alkyl amine, quaternary ammonium compound, and oxygen disinfecting agents. The results of the inspection made according to IS-OETI TESTED Standard 10100 have shown that the above mentioned product meet the requirements of this standard.

ISO 14025

TUV Austria certifies that the process for the preparation of Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) according to ISO 14025 Type III complies with the requirements of TUV Austria - Certified Environmental Declaration standard. The compliance to this requirement is ensured by continuous evaluation during the retention of this certificate. Certificate No: TA 220121634 Certificate valid until: 30/09/2020

ISO 9001 + ISO 14001

TUV certify that Wiesner-Hager applies a management system in line with the ISO standards for the following scope: development, production and sale of office and single unit furniture. Certificate Registration No: 201006294 Certificate Registration No: 201049028 Valid until: 30/09/2020 Initial certification: 19/08/1998

m.zone Modular & Standalone Furniture Elements

Future offices must provide employees with differentiated, versatile work environments offering supportive settings for a variety of activities. Rigid spatial structures are disappearing. Space needs to be designed around tasks to be performed. Activity Based Working is the order of the day. Wiesner-Hager has developed a mould-breaking interior design concept perfectly suited to the agile businesses. m.zone consists of individual elements such as room dividers, modular and standalone furniture pieces, which can be combined flexibly to create new working environments to suit clients individual ideas and needs. m.zone is ideal for a wide range of application areas within the office architecture.

macao Tables & Chairs

The macao design is able to reconcile seemingly incompatible qualities, as despite its stable and robust construction, it is the calm, light image of this range that really impresses. With the chairs, the top side of the plastic shell has a continuous, clear, flowing contour that is imbued with harmony and tranquillity. The way the legs seem to grow from the underside of the shell further emphasises this look.

n_table (Flip-Top)

Creating the perfectly suitable table configuration in just a few minutes: n_table is movable through (lockable) castors, thus permitting the quick and easy rearrangement of configurations. Various applications such as conferences, seminars, meetings, workshops, presentations, or training courses can thus be rearranged in no time at all. n_table offers a maximum of comfort and mobility combined with contemporary design for modern office architecture.

nooi Frame Linking Chair

The nooi chair family comes from the neunzig° design studio. Born from the idea of creating a chair with one shell form and different frame options to suit all main communication areas, nooi is the perfect solution for hall seating, cafeterias, canteens and waiting areas, as well as seminar and training rooms. Thanks to this versatility, nooi offers scope to create a consistent look throughout the architecture of an entire office or building. The shell is available in plywood and polypropylene and with different upholstery options. The eight different colour combinations available for the plastic seat shell offer ample creative freedom for interior design. The outside of the plastic shell always features a high gloss finish.

outline Stacking Chair

outline is a cantilever chair with classic features: clean, timeless, light and compact design, individuality, durable materials and first class construction. With its slim cantilever construction, outline is light weight (less than 6 kg) and has extremely dense stacking ability. Up to 30 chairs stack to just a little more than 1.6 meters high. The chairs can be stacked on a transport trolley. outline is a comfortable ergonomic chair that is ideal chair for all applications e.g. multi-functional halls, seminar and lecture rooms, banquet rooms, as well as canteens and cafeterias. outline can be easily linked and is available with plywood or polypropylene seat and back with mesh backrest.

paro_2 Office Chair

The No. 1 office chair in Austria. The paro_2 provides even more functions and excellent seating comfort at a consistently high quality level and an extremely attractive price. With its different mesh and upholstery versions, the paro_2 office chair family offers a comprehensive range of functional and aesthetic options. The series is complemented by versatile cantilever chairs that are both well priced and attractively designed.

pulse Conference & Lounge Chairs

High class, comfortable, and extremely versatile this is pulse, the shell chair for luxury communication areas. Combining a design vocabulary alluding to the 1960s with modern elements makes the design both novel and distinct. The waistline of the shell appears inviting and enveloping at the same time. Sitting comfort is excellent: the shell dimensions allow ample room to move, the comfortably resilient backrest and the soft seat padding afford high comfort, even after hours of sitting. The upholstery multi-coloured on request, or also combining fabric and leather conveys different impressions from dignified and noble to young and fresh. pulse is not only versatile as regards its upholstery, but also its frame variants.

pulse Conference Table System

With pulse, Wiesner-Hager has created an elegant conference table system for top executives, with an inspiringly light visual touch and a functional design. The aim was to create a range of conference tables that set a new lightness of touch against the old heaviness of the boardroom. The modular design of pulse is the key to its individuality. This allows a vast number of different configurations: large or small, a block, an open or closed circle. Planning is quick and easy, with numerous, predefined arrangement variants. If you prefer individualised solutions, pulse has a wide range of options to offer you.

S_Collection Chairs

Typical of the S13 range is the clear, simple aesthetic which takes precedence over superfluous details thus emphasising its classical proportions. Its formal understatement is a key feature for adaptability to different architectural concepts. The S13 series chairs are stackable with additional items such as bar stools, benches and chairs for places of worship. Due to its versatility and different options, the S13 range offers a wide range of applications in the contract furniture area. S13s main use is public halls, canteens and restaurants and seminar rooms. Discreetly integrated care functions (optional) allow it to be used in the Care Living sector in homes for the elderly and hospitals.

sign_2 Stacking Chairs

sign_2 is an ergonomic linking & stacking chair combining enduring elegance & creative design with high functionality. The shape has been reduced to integrate complex demands such as stackability & row function without appearing bulky. There is a selection of materials such as oak, ash or beech for the plywood backs - available in different stains. Special attention was paid to seating comfort: luxury upholstery combined with the elastic and breathable seat suspension forms an ergonomic seat pan offering comfort for hours. sign_2 is used in all areas of communication such as training, conference, seminar, event and meeting rooms. sign_2 is available as a cantilever chair with a slim classic profile designed especially for conference areas & as a visitor's chair in management offices.

skill Flip-Top Table

Create your ideal table configuration in minutes as the mobile table system skill easily adapts to the quickly changing requirements of communication. The flip-top tables are mounted on castors and can therefore be easily manoeuvred and quickly reconfigured. Tables that are not needed can be flipped up and compactly nested to save space. Variable table formats ensure that tables can be configured flexibly to suit from the O-shape for conferences, the U-shape for seminars, to a block set-up for workshops. Linking elements ensure a flush and safe linking of the tables. In addition to various table tops, there are also three elegant frame versions available: the V-leg, T-leg, and C-leg.

update Stacking Chairs

Discreet, unpretentious & light but still a strong offering when it comes to value for money. The simple, austere impact of update is like that of a basic inexpensive chair, yet compared to other products in this segment, it boasts a more sophisticated design & is more functional. The standard version weighs only 4.6 kg. Featuring an elegant & flexible shell in beech, oak or a very robust laminated surface. update is stackable & linkable without restrictions and with a pleasantly warm feel of the armrests. Moreover, due to a varied choice of materials & specifications update is particularly adaptable to each and every architectural scheme. The multipurpose design chair is a great choice for canteens or company restaurants, multi-function halls, lecture rooms, training and recreation rooms.


The wh_locker is a minimalist, stylish cabinet locker system specially developed for coworking, desk-sharing and temporary work in open space offices. The individual modules in double and triple combinations can be assembled as building blocks and thus be used for a large number of people. The fronts of the individual lockers are available in different variants optionally with recessed handles, combination locks, locker numbers and letter slots.

yuno office - The Ingeniously Flexible Workstation

With yuno office Wiesner-Hager has developed an unconventional office programme especially designed to meet the demands for mobility posed by coworking spaces, thus following the trend towards flexible, uncomplicated use of office space in the world of New Work. Originally designed as a stacking table for communication spaces, yuno has been expanded for use in the office: a special plug-in box can be docked onto yuno, making it into a full-fledged workstation in next to no time. The plug-in box in its powder-coated metal casing provides connections for electricity, network and USB with charging function. However, it also serves as a lockable storage compartment for utensils and valuables.

yuno Stacking Table

yuno impresses with its lightweight minimalist design and progressive technical concept, capturing the positive features of a folding table while avoiding its weaknesses. Folding the table becomes unnecessary, saving a considerable amount of time for setup and dismantling. The construction of the table enables tight stacking and thus allows for space-saving storage. When setting up tables for banquets or in rows, unlike traditional folding tables, yuno can be longitudinally linked and aligned without additional elements due to the asymmetrical frame. To make it even easier to manipulate yuno, small castors are integrated into all the frame glides. Thus, yuno does not need to be carried from A to B, but can be easily rolled by slightly being lifted on one side.

ÖNORM EN 16139

System test of seating furniture (strength, durability and safety)

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