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Education Projects - VELFAC Composite Windows

The latest brochure from VELFAC shows how price-competitive the companys wood/aluminium glazing can be when specified for education projects. The brochure features a detailed cost-analysis of a typical window/door configuration for a classroom screen, to provide compelling cost-comparison data for architects, specifiers, builders, and cost consultants. The brochure also details the added benefits of installing VELFAC an improved indoor climate, low maintenance design, an expected operational lifetime of over 40 years, and a 12 Year Warranty. VELFAC also provides a range of specification services, including free cost consultancy.

VELFAC 200 Composite Window System Product Catalogue

VELFAC 200 Composite window system outward opening windows and casement doors product information, section details, size charts, and reference images. Download our product information file per January 2018 here or find the updated product information on our website at velfac.co.uk/Commercial/windows-and-doors

VELFAC 500 Aluminium Door System Product Catalogue

VELFAC 500 Aluminium Door System heavy-duty aluminium doors product information, section details, size charts, and reference images. Please find product information about our Aluminium doors http://velfac.co.uk/Commercial/Windows-and-doors/VELFAC-500/

VELFAC Composite Panels

VELFAC Composite Panels to be used in conjunction with windows and doors, including product information, section details, size charts, and reference images.

VELFAC Composite Window Reference projects

VELFAC Composite Windows provide high quality, cost-competitive design windows for all kind of projects, from small workshops to landmark buildings. Visit our Gallery to see more projects and case studies with VELFAC windows at velfac.co.uk/Commercial/inspiration/commercial-gallery/

VELFAC Composite windows CWCT certified

VELFAC and CWCT worked together to develop both the test rig and testing sequence; the whole test procedure was undertaken by Taylor Woodrow and overseen by CWCT. Having worked so closely with CWCT, VELFAC Plus achieved CWCT system certification on successful completion of Tests 1 to 6. This provides official CWCT accreditation of VELFAC Plus, a greater achievement than simply gaining a successful test report from a testing house, thus ensuring specifiers an increased level of confidence in the performance of VELFAC Plus within their own projects. Levels achieved: 600 Pa Air Permeability 600 Pa Water Tightness 2000 Pa Wind Serviceability (design wind pressure) 3000 Pa Wind Safety (design wind pressure x 1.5)

VELFAC Composite Windows Providing Low Energy Buildings

When it comes to windows and energy there is a lot more to consider than just U-values. A window is not like a brick wall, where the focus is simply on the ability of that wall to keep the cold out and the warmth in. Instead, the latest energy-optimised windows can actually contribute more energy to the heating of a building than is lost through the window to the outside. VELFAC composite windows play a crucial role in reducing a buildings heating consumption to the lowest level possible.

VELFAC Ribo Composite Door System Product Catalogue

VELFAC Ribo Composite System medium-duty composite wood/aluminium entrance doors product information, section details, size charts, and reference images. Please find product information about our Wood / Aluminium doors http://velfac.co.uk/Commercial/Windows-and-doors/velfac-ribo-alu-doors/

Showing 1-13 of 13