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Over 111 years UZIN UTZ has grown and now represents all the disciplines in the art of floor installation. Together all our brands provide the foundation for professional flooring installation. Whether UZIN, WOLFF, PALLMANN, arturo, codex or Pajarito, each brand with its particular character is a building block in our flooring expertise and part of the UZIN UTZ family.

We started as a small, regional adhesive manufacturer in Vienna that has developed over the years into a leading global manufacturer of products and systems for flooring technology as well as a pioneer and leader in the industry. Thanks to innovative thinking, a sophisticated sustainability strategy and healthy growth, the family company continues to shape the future and set new standards for flooring installation.

We are united by the passion and ambition to provide our partners with the resources to achieve perfect results for every task. In the future, we will concentrate our diverse expertise and continue to play a leading role in flooring installation systems. 

We provides the UK’s flooring professionals with ecological, innovative and high quality adhesives, smoothing compounds, underlays and damp proof membranes as well as resin floors and wood flooring lacquers. From new installations to renovation of all types of floor coverings. With a comprehensive range we provide solution for any challenge. Our expertise includes:

• Flooring specifications

• Free CPD seminars

• Solutions to expediting projects with short time frames.

• Rapid remedial repairs.

• Ensuring the flooring is compatible with environmental building certification such as BREEAM.

• Free colour samples for our arturo resins.

• Free advice and support.

Trade names

  • resin floors
  • epoxy resin
  • design floors
  • resin flooring
  • seamless floors
  • screeds
  • damp proof membrane
  • wood lacquers
  • wood flooring oils
  • flooring installation
  • screed installation
  • industrial flooring
  • self levelling screed
  • self-levelling compound
  • commercial flooring
  • Factory flooring
  • Slip resistant flooring
  • Warehouse flooring
  • Warehouse floor coat
  • Warehouse floor paint
  • Industrial floor paint
  • Floor paint
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Industrial floor coating
  • damp proof floors
  • flooring adhesives
  • installing floors
  • vinyl flooring installation
  • Chemical resistant floors
  • wood flooring installation