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Compact Channel KOMPAQDRAIN®

ULMA Architectural Solutions presents KOMPAQDRAIN®, its new, innovative compact drainage channel with Max Flow® system.

HYDRO System

Composite Drainage Channels. The HYDRO channel range complements the existing product range in Polymer Concrete by ULMA.

Installation Instructions

The illustrations show what is the suitable section to be installed for each type of road surface and load, along with the recommended constructive details.

KOMO Certificate

KOMO Certification for ULMA drainage channels confirms its continuous product control, guaranteeing long-term product quality.

MINI system

Channels designed for areas with height limitations, compatible with vehicle traffic depending upon the model. Applications: reinforced slabs, basements, showers, dressing rooms, covered areas,...

MultiV+ System

New line of products better suited to market needs, providing in a single system the advantages of our other lines.

S system - Designed for heavy traffic areas

Channels for heavy loads, designed for heavy traffic areas. They have a galvanized edge on the sides. Gratings are locked by 4 bolts. Applications: service stations, port loading and unloading areas, industrial areas,...

SELF System

Applications: Inside roads, squares, recreational areas, schools, parks, gardens. Up to load class C250 (according to the model).

SPORT system

Channels intended for sport and playground facilities. Applications: football fields, athletic fields, showers, changing rooms, swimming pools, etc.

U system

Channels without a protective, intended for use from pedestrians to sporadic traffic, but with greater heights than the SELF system, and with the choice of built-in slopes. Applications: pedestrian areas, sports fields,...

UK System

Channels provided with a galvanized steel edges, intended for very diverse uses. With the choice of built-in slopes. Applications: pedestrian areas, urban developments, parking areas for light vehicles,...

Showing 1-15 of 15