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The Twyford Collection

From market leading, bathroom transforming ideas to the latest on-trend innovations, Twyford can meet every individual taste and every customer budget. In every range, youll find clever technology to enhance and improve bathroom functionality, and 160 years of ingenuity is your reassurance of unrivalled support.

Twyford Everything Affordable Housing Brochure

With over 160 years combined experience in providing market-leading products andcost-effective solutions, Geberit and Twyford are uniquely equipped to meet all of your social housing bathroom requirements. As a market leader in the affordable housing sector, our knowledge of what works in any social housing context gives us a greater understanding of your needs, so from day one, your Dedicated Account Manager will ensure that your project runs smoothly and all tenants are housed and happy. Because we understand that product durability and stock continuity are key to fulfilling your housing targets and maintenance obligations, youll find us responsive and proactive, controlling all aspects of production planning and delivering exceptional parts availability.

Twyford Everything Education Brochure

At Twyford, we have a unique knowledge and understanding of the education sector, with the capability to provide specific solutions across all age groups. Our combined sector experience makes us uniquely equipped to provide the perfect all-round piping and sanitary solution, with the latest water efficient, resilient and easy-to-install products available from one reliable source. Wherever safety, economy and sustainability are of paramount importance, we provide complete peace of mind and safe, fully compliant solutions to meet every educational need.

Twyford Specification Manual

This specification manual is designed to guide you through our entire portfolio of products, making it simple to specify the right products for each job. Its divided into product section and on each page colour coded logos indicate which sector the product is suitable for (please refer to page 5 for details). Each page contains all the appropriate product information including approvals.

Showing 1-4 of 4