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Bespoke automatic entrance door systems

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Automatic Entrance Door Systems

TORMAX unique iMotion automatic door operators incorporate a unique asynchronous motor that has none of the usual working parts that regularly fail (gears/brushes etc) making them a sustainable solution with almost indefinite life expectancy. Incomparable movement dynamics ensures low energy operation whilst rapid response to foot traffic minimises heat loss from the building. Automatic entrance systems include revolving doors, sliding doors, folding doors, swing doors suitable for a wide range of commercial locations.

Automatic entrance doors - UK brochure with case studies

Product brochure covering the complete TORMAX range of automatic entrance systems including swing doors, sliding doors, revolving doors and folding doors. Also detailed are several UK installation case studies demonstrating the scope of work.

Automatic Revolving Doors

Classic Revolving automatic entrance solution for high passage frequencies. Factory integrated safety for optimal coordination, drive with high dynamic braking power,easy to maintain. Doors 3.6m-6.2m diameter. Light Frame Modern automatic revolving door with precision-manufactured profiles 40×20mm on door wings and 40×30mm on curved enclosure walls. No profile required to frame internal edges of wings, no centre column. Canopy compartment 40mm high and drive is installed in floor. Full Glass Futuristic solution made almost completely in safety glass. Grounded stainless steel finish on door frames with 40×20mm profiles and 40x 30mm profiles on curved enclosure walls. Floor profiles can be concealed in floor. Canopy made completely from glass and no need for centre column.

Automatic Sliding Entrance Door Systems - commercial, retail, education, healthcare, leisure applications

Bespoke automatic sliding door systems designed, manufactured, installed and maintained. Intelligent iMotion technology powers all TORMAX automatic sliding doors to deliver DDA compliant access solutions. Proven reliability - high torque synchronous motor has no parts which can wear out (gearless and brushless) minimising maintenance & delivering exceptional life-expectancy Sustainable almost entirely manufactured using recyclable materials and precision engineered for energy efficient operation Safety - sophisticated motion sensors for precise opening/closing response Modular allowing for easy expansion of any entrance Self-monitoring - automatically adapts door operation to take account of factors such as high winds or a build-up of dirt.

Automatic Swing Doors - commercial, retail, healthcare, education and leisure applications

Bespoke design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of automatic swing doors. Intelligent iMotion door drives power all TORMAX automatic swing doors, delivering exceptionally reliable, DDA compliant access solutions. Concealed underfloor operator available for unobtrusive automation. Reliable - high torque synchronous motor has no parts to wear out (gearless & brushless), minimising maintenance and delivering exceptional life-expectancy Sustainable almost entirely manufactured from recyclable materials. Precision engineered for energy efficiency operation Safety - sophisticated motion sensors for precise opening/closing Modular allows easy expansion of any entrance Self-monitoring system - adapts door operation to take account of high winds/dirt build-up.

TORMAX 5201 Revolving Door Operator

The TORMAX 5201 universal drive is the revolving door drive with all-round strength. Its compact design provides a large degree of creativity, allowing you to decide the dimension of the entrance system (up to 4m diameter) and number of leaves. With an installation depth of only 140mm, only a minimum height is needed to accommodate the crown compartment ideal where space is tight. Excellent functionality is included allowing all sensor and safety systems to be connected quickly and simply. Speed, alarms, power all can be very simply set using the service computer with its self-explanatory menu. The REVOLVEDOOR 5201 universal drive in the best Swiss quality just as you always receive from TORMAX.

TORMAX iMotion 2401 sliding door operator

AUTOMATIC SLIDING DOOR OPERATOR iMotion 2401 is the perfect drive for heavy automatic sliding doors operating at high pedestrian frequencies. Designed for single or double-leaf sliding doors, standard or telescopic entrances. Benefits proven reliability - high torque synchronous motor has no parts which can wear out, is gearless and brushless sustainable almost entirely manufactured using recyclable materials as well as being precision engineered for energy efficient operation safety - sophisticated motion sensors for precise operation modular allowing for easy expansion self-monitoring - automatically adapts operation to take account of factors such as high winds, which may otherwise cause the door to slow down

TORMAX - Automatic Folding Entrance Door

Where there is a lack of space, an automatic folding door provides the ideal solution and is suitable for both new installations and for retro-fitting . The TORMAX Foldor is a complete, pre-fabricated door system for opening widths between 800-1400mm. Elegant door profiles optimise sealing and thanks to a well-designed solution, installation time is reduced to a minimum. An intelligent processor control simplifies commissioning and automatically maximise motion performance. As with the complete range of TORMAX entrances, the FOLDOR is fitted with both vertical and horizontal threshold sensors, as well as a sensitive auto-reverse feature, which comes into operation when any obstacle is encountered during opening or closing.

TORMAX - Sustainable Door Automation

TORMAX is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of automatic door systems which are used across the entire globe. As a company with a tradition stretching back over 85 years, we consider that acting in an environmentally responsible manner is a matter of course. Working in tandem with our staff, customers and business partners we strive to achieve long term sustainability goals. TORMAX iMotion door operators are both energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Energy consumption is minimised when on stand-by whilst power consumption is automatically optimised during door movements. All components meet RoHS requirements and there is no use of hazardous materials such as lead, mercury or hexavalent chrome. Finally, approximately 96% of iMotion components are entirely recyclable.

TORMAX 1201 + 1102 Automatic Swing Door Operators

The TORMAX iMotion 1201 swing door drive is extremely well-suited for heavy, wide doors or where high wind loads are encountered. Thanks to its quiet operation as well as balanced and coordinated door movements, this drive lends itself to almost every application in the interior of buildings. Recommended for door leaf widths up to 1400 mm and weights up to 250 Kg. Slender and compact aluminium design (H x D x L: 85 x 128 x 640 mm). The TORMAX 1102 swing door drive is the ideal solution for light, narrow doors. With its elegant, unobtrusive design and compact installation height of only 85 mm, this drive offers limitless scope for door design. Recommended for door leaf widths up to 1100 mm and weights up to 125 Kg. Slender and compact aluminium design (H x D x L: 85 x 128 x 640 mm).

TORMAX 2301 iMotion Automatic Sliding Door Drive

The technologically advanced TORMAX iMotion 2301 sliding door operator features none of the parts that usually wear out, such as brushes and gears, delivering near indefinite life expectancy. A unique modular construction allows easy expansion of an entrance system without making existing operators redundant, giving design flexibility in the long term. A sustainable option, the iMotion 2301 high torque door drives are precision engineered to ensure low energy operation whilst heat loss from the building is significantly reduced thanks to a combination of rapid reaction sensors and powerful opening and closing speeds. In addition, the operators are manufactured using 95% re-cyclable materials.

TORMAX Curved Sliding Automatic Door System

A curved sliding door makes an architectural statement and demonstrates style and character at first glance. Lending an air of unique grandeur to the entire entrance area, a curved sliding door is up to 40% larger than linear sliding doors.

TORMAX Full Glass Automatic Revolving Entrance

TORMAX full-glass revolving doors are the most prestigious and elegant access solution, delivering perfect aesthetics every time. Maximum transparency - no need for centre column giving impressive visual lightness. Door leaves, drum walls and roof sections are made of safety glass. The drive is mounted in the floor and the profile is slim and elegant. Door systems up to 3m diameter and 5m high can be achieved. Canopy height is just 30mm with drive being mounted invisibly in the floor.

TORMAX Full-glass Automatic Sliding Door System

All-glass sliding doors are a reality with the TORMAX 2201 frameless mounting kit. The black anodised suspension system completely disappears into the drive unit cover (100mm installation height). The stylish transparency of the all-glass solution creates a totally new sensation of space in the door area.

TORMAX Hermetic and Air-Tight Door Systems for Special Areas

The new TORMAX Hermetic automatic sliding door system significantly raises and redefines the standards of quality for hermetic and air-tight doors. This has been made possible as TORMAX turned its attention to all the technical and functional details. The result is a door system that meets the various requirements of operating theatres, radiology rooms, quarantine zones, laboratories and clean rooms in research and industry. The innovative drive technology means that even very heavy doors are opened and closed smoothly and quickly. The door leaf with all-round sealing is lowered shortly before the final closure and pressed against the integral door frame. The TORMAX Hermetic automatic sliding door system meets the highest safety standards and is certified to EN 16005/DIN 18650.

TORMAX iMotion door operator technology - advanced range of swing and sliding door drives

Designed at the TORMAX HQ in Switzerland, iMotion door drives are one of the most advanced solutions available and have been designed to power sliding, curved and angular sliding doors as well as swing doors. Designed for reliability and fully compliant with RoHS standards, iMotion motors have none of the working parts that generally wear out, such as gears and brushes, delivering near-indefinite life-expectancy. iMotion technology guarantees optimum operational performance and energy efficiency by combining a high torque synchronous motor with sophisticated sensors and a ground-breaking control system. A sustainable option, iMotion operators are almost entirely manufactured using recyclable materials.

TORMAX Invisible Automation for Swing Doors - Powerdrive 1401 underfloor operator

Ideally suited to conservation projects or wherever aesthetics are a key consideration, the TORMAX Power Drive 1401 operator offers invisible automation. for swing doors. Housed in a casing within the floor, the 1401 operator is suitable for both single or double-leaf swing doors. Advanced technology ensures trouble-free operation, even in areas of high foot traffic, minimising maintenance requirements into the future. Safety is ensured thanks to intelligent obstacle recognition and monitored sensors. Modular by design the 1401 underfloor operator makes adaptations to the system very easy, if requirements should change in the future.

TORMAX LR32 THERM - slim yet thermally efficient, automatic sliding door profile

Subtle and inconspicuous, the new LR32THERM automatic sliding door profile from TORMAX is not only one of the slimmest frames on the market but also benefits from having an extremely low thermal transmission co-efficient (Ud value). With a visual width of just 35mm, the aluminium profile delivers the right aesthetics to create a contemporary entrance whilst significantly contributing towards reduced internal heating costs. Ideally suited to use in external locations, the LR32THERM profile combines with TORMAX advanced iMotion sliding door drives to create sustainable yet reliable, low maintenance entrance solutions.

TORMAX Secure+Therm Automatic Sliding Door System - a new standard for burglary protection and energy efficiency

The new TORMAX Secure+Therm automatic sliding door system effectively combines certified protection from burglary to resistance class RC 2, with the aesthetic benefits of a lightweight, thermally separated profile that still delivers exceptional energy efficiency. Incorporated within the slim door profile, the Secure+Therm system is fitted with either manual or electromechanical multipoint locking with manual release. Rigorously tested to the highest standards, the added security protection contributes towards low insurance premiums by significantly reducing risk of theft or damage to property.

TORMAX TRP Revolving Door Drive - for larger diameter entrances

The TRP drive is a revolving door drive system which is particularly suitable for large, heavy systems with either 3 or 4 leaves and diameter measuring between 1.6 to 6.2 m. The built-in height of the powerful TRP operator is only 145 mm, enabling the crown compartment to be extremely shallow. The TRP can also be installed in the floor if required. The control system automatically captures system-specific data for an unchanging and safe motion control

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