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As part of a significant redevelopment project, TORMAX was contracted by MK Contracts Ltd to install an impressive four-wing automatic revolving door to the main entrance of Harlow’s Princess Alexandra Hospital. With an internal diameter of over 6m, this prestigious entrance delivers clear and unhindered access for all patients, staff and visitors. “The transformed entrance is certainly fit for the 21st century,” comments Pasqualino Risi, Associate Director of Estates and Facilities at the Princess Alexandra. “Not only does it meet all current disability discrimination requirements but also significantly enhances the patient experience on entering the hospital environment.”


The new TORMAX Secure+Therm automatic sliding door system effectively combines certified protection from burglary to resistance class RC 2, with the aesthetic benefits of a lightweight, thermally separated profile that still delivers exceptional energy efficiency. Incorporated within the slim door profile, the Secure+Therm system is fitted with electromechanical multipoint locking. Rigorously tested, the added security protection contributes towards low insurance premiums by significantly reducing risk of theft or damage to property. Despite being just 40mm thick, weather and noise are all kept outside thanks to the thermally separated construction of the profile and insulating safety glass.


A busy healthcare hub in the centre of Leicester, Yakub Chemist offers a community pharmacy as well as home care services. Ensuring all customers can access the facilities, the main entrance has recently benefit from a complete refurbishment. An accessible ramp combines with a TORMAX automatic sliding door. Powered by the compact and unobtrusive TORMAX 2201 door operator, the sliding door will deliver reliable and continuous use, efficiently welcoming customers into the chemist. Protecting their investment, Yakub Chemist has a service and maintenance agreement with TORMAX, ensuring the entrance will run smoothly and safely for many years to come.


A magnificent Grade 1 listed building, Birmingham Cathedral (St Philips) is a rare example of English Baroque architecture. As part of a significant refurbishment of the interior, TORMAX was contracted by Midland Conservation Ltd, to supply and automate two sets of traditional, wood-framed glass swing doors, providing DDA compliant access to the main lobby area. Helping maintain the architectural integrity of the building, the doors are powered by unobtrusive TORMAX 1201 operators, delivering smooth and reliable opening with whisper-quiet precision. The door operators have in-built flexibility, adapting movement to foot traffic levels whilst minimising energy consumption.

Compact Automatic Entrance for Hospice Refurbishment

Nightingale House, a charitably run palliative care facility in Wrexham, has recently completed phase one of a significant upgrade. Improving accessibility, the main entrance now benefits from a double set of automatic folding doors from TORMAX, helping maintain the ambient temperature of the reception area by creating an internal lobby. With limited available space, the TORMAX folding door was the ideal solution with the four-leaf folding principle reducing the swivel range to just half that of a conventional two-leaf swing door. Requiring a minimum built-in width of just 1060-2260mm, the doors still offer a generous opening width.


Working with Smart Aluminium Ltd, TORMAX installed an automatic sliding door system to a new Co-op store in Dudley. Using the reliable TORMAX 2201 door operator, all customers are welcomed into the shop with easy access. “An automatic entrance is the obvious choice for a busy store,” comments Simon Roberts, md for TORMAX. “In addition to ensuring quick access it is also an environmentally sound solution. Rather than having an ‘open door policy’, heat loss from the Co-op is minimised thanks to our hi-tech sensors that react with speed and precision to an approaching customer.”

Ecclisiastical Access Solution

TORMAX recently completed the installation of an elegant automatic glass entrance system at Gloucester Cathedral, ensuring all visitors receive a warm welcome into this magnificent building. Creating a light and airy lobby area, two sets of glass sliding doors provide access into the Norman Nave, the main visitor entrance. Powered by unique TORMAX iMotion 2202 operators, the doors silently slide open as people approach thanks to advance engineering and design that ensures a level of reliability that is unsurpassed in the marketplace. Inconspicuous and therefore Ideal for such an historic setting, the iMotion 2202 door operator measures just 100mm high.


A state-of-the-art training facility, the National College for High Speed Rail in Birmingham has just opened its impressive TORMAX automatic revolving entrance doors, welcoming in the first cohort of high speed rail apprentices and learners. Powered by the technologically advanced TORMAX 5251 operator, the four-leaf door reflects the cutting-edge design of this important new learning resource. Ensuring clear and easy access for all staff, learners and visitors, the entrance also incorporates two automatic swing doors driven by TORMAX 1201 operators, situated to either side of the revolving door.

Etched Glass Access from TORMAX

Providing access into the newly refurbished reception area of a listed building on the University of Edinburgh campus, TORMAX has installed a single and double set of automatic sliding doors, creating an impressive glass entrance system that is fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010. Both doors are powered by TORMAX iMotion operators which feature none of the working parts that generally wear out, such as gears and brushes, ensuring exceptionally reliable performance long into the future. The glass is finished with an impressive etched manifestation representing the four campuses of the University.


The new TORMAX Hermetic automatic sliding door system delivers a high quality, technologically advanced solution for any location that requires an air-tight entrance, including operating theatres, quarantine zones, laboratories and clean rooms in both research and industry. Delivering unique, all-round sealing, the door leaf automatically slides closed before being fractionally lowered and then pressed firmly against the integral door frame. This ingenious mechanism ensures the TORMAX Hermetic meets the highest safety standards and requirements for air-tightness and is certified to EN16005/DIN 18650. The slim and elegant door drive measures just 208x135mm.

Fast Access for Cyclists

Encouraging cyclists, TORMAX was specified to install two full-glass automatic sliding doors to the new Gravesend Cycle Hub, providing fast access for busy commuters looking to drop off their bikes. The entrances are powered by low-energy, TORMAX iMotion 2202 operators which have a reputation for exceptional reliability in the long-term, even in a hectic location such as this. Swiss-owned, TORMAX has been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining bespoke automatic entrance systems worldwide for over 60 years. The iMotion range of door operators combines unique AC motor technology with a state-of-the-art microprocessor control system.


TORMAX was contracted to install a sustainable combined automatic entrance solution to Iona House in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Effectively minimising heat loss from the reception area of this premium office building, the 3-leaf automatic revolving door allows smooth access for employees and visitors whilst the pass door to one side offer an automatic entrance for less-able users and deliveries. Working with Alliance Electrical Services Ltd, TORMAX recommended using their tried and tested, in-house designed, 5201 revolving door operator. A high specification drive, the 5201 is especially slim in design, allowing reduced canopy height and a minimalist design.


Part of Birmingham City University, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire is a £57 million teaching and performance facility. Delivering contemporary access solutions to this significant new development, TORMAX was contracted to install prestigious automatic revolving doors to the two main entrances as well as an automatic swing pass door and set of sliding doors. Working with main contractor Galliford Try, TORMAX created an elegant lobby by positioning a set of automatic sliding doors between the three-wing revolving door and main foyer. To one side of the revolving door is located an automatic swing door, offering an alternative for less able users.


Opening into an impressive double-height reception, TORMAX curved bi-parting glass doors welcome employees into the prestigious new office development of 24 King William Street, London. Powered by the reliable TORMAX iMotion 2301 operator, the 3m high automatic sliding glass doors create an aesthetically attractive frontage, perfectly mirroring the curved façade of the building. A telescopic single sliding door, powered by an iMotion 2302 operator, gives access through to a tranquil urban garden. 24 King William Street has been comprehensively redeveloped throughout to a Category A specification, by main contractor VolkerFitzpatrick, meeting the demands of 21st century tenants.


As part of a major refurbishment project, TORMAX was contracted to install a prestigious automatic revolving door with automatic swing door to a local authority’s Civic Offices in Surrey. The new entrance system provides clear and easy access for all staff and visitors whilst minimising heat loss from the building, making it a sustainable solution too. The impressive three-wing automatic revolving door is driven by the high torque 5201 operator. Precision engineered at the TORMAX Switzerland HQ, the 5201 is a technologically advanced drive that delivers exceptional reliability, thanks to impeccable design credentials that minimise maintenance requirements.


As part of a major refurbishment project, TORMAX was contracted to install a prestigious automatic revolving door with automatic swing door to a local authority’s Civic Offices in Surrey. The new entrance system provides clear and easy access for all staff and visitors whilst minimising heat loss from the building, making it a sustainable solution too. The impressive three-wing automatic revolving door is driven by the high torque 5201 operator. Precision engineered at the TORMAX Switzerland HQ, the 5201 is a technologically advanced drive that delivers exceptional reliability, thanks to impeccable design credentials that minimise maintenance requirements.

Library Facility Open All Hours

Delivering a highly functional, yet stunning entrance solution to the Cochrane Building at Cardiff University, TORMAX was contracted by Ian Williams Ltd to install a combination of advanced automatic door systems. A single-leaf swing door leads into an internal lobby area that is formed using an elegant curved automatic sliding door. The entrance to the library is directly off this lobby, allowing staff and student access at all times, even when the main part of the building is closed off by securely locking the curved door. Both doors are powered by Swiss-designed, TORMAX iMotion operators.


Upgrading the manual access system to the iconic Sussex Heights building in the centre of Brighton, TORMAX was contracted to install two sets of automatic sliding glass doors, creating a contemporary entrance befitting this prestigious residential tower. Powered by the incredibly reliable TORMAX iMotion 2202 operator, the doors silently slide open in tandem, allowing residents and their guests smooth access into the lobby, whilst minimising heat loss from the building. TORMAX recommended their iMotion 2202 operators which are particularly unobtrusive being housed in a slim casing. Vibration absorbent mountings of the guide rails ensures quiet operation.


As you would expect, a busy doctor’s surgery has a wide range of needs when it comes to patient access. Providing a clear and easy entry and exit system for the new extension at the Haden Vale Medical Practice was a priority and TORMAX was contracted by the Cameron Butcher Group to install two automatic sliding door systems to the main entrance. Powered by TORMAX 2201 compact operator, the doors deliver reliable and seamless access for the elderly, wheelchair users, people with pushchairs as well as all other visitors to the practice.


Situated in the heart of Birmingham’s commercial quarter, the Colmore Building has undergone a £3.5m enhancement project and now offers 310,000 sq ft of highly specified office space. A full glass, manual revolving door, manufactured and installed by TORMAX, delivers elegant and efficient access into tenanted office space. Adjacent to this, two TORMAX automatic swing doors have been installed either side of an existing revolving door, creating a comprehensive entrance into the spacious main reception. Concealed in steel casings set into the floorspace, TORMAX iMotion 1401 operators power the swing doors, delivering reliable yet invisible automation .


Creating a contemporary entrance befitting the transformed Power Road Studios in Chiswick, TORMAX worked with IDF Aluminium Ltd to provide invisible automation to two sets of automatic glass swing doors. Located in sealed casings beneath the floor, the TORMAX iMotion 1401 operators deliver unparalleled reliability, requiring minimal maintenance to ensure a long and trouble-free lifespan. “Our iMotion door operators are second to none,” confirms Simon Roberts, TORMAX md. “The fact that the powerful synchronous motor features no abrading parts to cause friction wear, significantly reduces maintenance requirements, making it viable to be situated in steel boxes in the floor.”

Secure Access for Exclusive Jewellery Boutique

Boodles, the top-end jewellery store in Sloane Street, recently contracted Warrior Doors to develop an automatic entrance solution that would provide an upmarket welcome for their discerning customers whilst meeting stringent security demands. Manufactured from stainless-steel, the bespoke entrance consists of two automatic sliding doors, powered by TORMAX iMotion 2302 operators, that work in tandem to create an attractive lobby. This ‘airlock’ solution is capable of withstanding the most determined security breach, combining an impressive interlocking system with security glass certified to LPS 1270 1,2,3, delivering a product that is secured up to LPS 1175 SR3.


As part of a significant redevelopment programme, TORMAX has installed a contemporary, 3-wing automatic revolving door to the refurbished reception at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and Spa, Chester. Providing a prestigious access solution that blends seamlessly with the original 18th Century Manor House and the modern 79-bedroom extension wing, the revolving door is powered by the TORMAX 5201 operator, ensuring ongoing safe and reliable access, even on the busiest of day. For a comprehensive solution, a TORMAX 1201 automatic swing door was installed to one side.


TORMAX was recently contracted by Regency Homes Ltd, to install a prestigious 3-wing revolving door system to the main entrance of the restored and refurbished Georgian Manor of Groves hotel. Giving access to a contemporary new reception area, the revolving door system enhances the external façade and is also highly functional, providing clear and easy access for guests whilst also minimising energy costs by reducing heat-loss from the foyer and helping maintain an ambient internal temperature, whatever the weather. A market leader in bespoke entrances, TORMAX offers a comprehensive range including sliding, swing, revolving and folding doors.

TORMAX Access Solution for Student Accommodation

Developed by L&UK Property Group and managed by Nido Student, Globe Works is a new student accommodation facility in the centre of Birmingham, offering stylish living facilities for up to 520 residents. Delivering efficient access for all students, TORMAX was contracted, by DW Hicks Building Co. Ltd, to install their contemporary 4-wing automatic revolving door to the main entrance, with an automatic swing side door. Both doors are powered by in-house designed, TORMAX operators, combining unparalleled reliability with simple day-to-day programming, allowing practical adjustment of operating speed and hold open/closing times, matching pedestrian footfall.


Following a significant re-development, Rudding Park Spa was recently voted Sunday Times, Best UK Spa Hotel. The impressive new facilities, which include a rooftop spa with hydrotherapy infinity pool and panoramic sauna, are accessed via state-of-the TORMAX fully automatic sliding doors. The contemporary glass doors are all powered by in-house designed iMotion 2301.IP65 drives that have been specifically designed to deliver reliable operation even in high moisture environments. Giving visitors automatic access to the pool areas, the operators combine unsurpassed reliability with whisper-quiet operation that reflects the luxurious environment of this outstanding spa hotel.


Passengers using the concourse at Newcastle Central station now enjoy the benefits of a number of popular retail concessions. Welcoming customers, TORMAX worked with North Eastern Glass to install full-glass automatic sliding doors to the entrances of Paperchase and Boots UK. Driving the entrances, the TORMAX iMotion 2202 is one of the most technologically advanced bi-parting operators on the market today, delivering unparalleled reliability coupled with low maintenance requirements. TORMAX automatic doors have been installed in busy retail outlets worldwide for over 60 years.

TORMAX Grassed Up!

Creating a sophisticated entrance solution to 22 Tudor Street, a highly innovative office development in Blackfriars, TORMAX has installed a 3-wing, full-glass revolving door with automatic swing pass door to one side, for hands-free access. Giving smooth and unhindered entry into the beautifully furnished, manned reception area, visitors to the building cannot fail to be impressed by the eye-catching ‘living ceiling’, perfectly off-setting the contemporary TORMAX glass doors. TORMAX worked directly with Area Square Ltd, workplace consultancy and office fit-out experts, on the prestigous £8.5m refurbishment.


Working with BSL Interiors of Glasgow, TORMAX was contracted to install an automatic entrance to the Robertson Trust Library and Learning Resource Centre at University of the West of Scotland’s Paisley Campus. Creating an impressive frontage, a Classic 5251 TORMAX 3-wing revolving door is powered by a precision engineered motor designed at the TORMAX HQ in Switzerland, ensuring reliability and longevity. A revolving door powered by a low-energy operator is one of the most effective ways of minimising heat-loss from a building whilst providing clear and easy access for all users, making this a sustainable solution.

TORMAX Tees Off!

Creating an impressive entrance to the new retail and performance centre at Frilford Heath Golf Club, TORMAX was contracted by Feltham Construction to manufacture and install a stylish and contemporary set of bi-parting automatic sliding doors. Powered by the extremely reliable TORMAX iMotion 2202 door operator, smooth opening is assured along with minimum ongoing maintenance requirements. “The stunning new building has been extremely well received by both members and visitors,” comments Daniel Blesovsky, Golf Manager at the Club. “The automatic entrance reflects the high quality of our facilities, giving everyone a great welcome into the shop."


TORMAX has supplied and installed over twenty automatic entrances to the prestigious Zig Zag building, London. In addition to two glass revolving doors to the main office entrance, TORMAX was responsible for the automatic sliding and swing doors installed to various restaurants including Jamie’s Italian and Iberica. “This has been a significant project worth over £200K,” confirms MD for TORMAX, Simon Roberts. “Our comprehensive range of Swiss-designed iMotion door operators meant that we were able to offer the ideal solutions for the different locations”.

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