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Acoustic Comfort and Decoration

+33 2 41 70 24 31 https://tempo-acoustique.fr/en/home/

TEMPO, acoustic comfort and decoration, enhances the decorative dimension of your acoustic environment. TEMPO products enable building professionals to combine acoustic comfort and decoration in their projects. Designed to create muffled atmospheres, TEMPO adapts to all types of spaces and all creative needs. As a French manufacturer of acoustic products, TEMPO offers many advantages in this respect: maximum sound absorption aw = 1, specialist in bespoke projects, 4 coverings, 130 colours,removable and washable covers, patented system of wall fabrics stretched across large widths, Bs2d0 fire-resistant products. Today, TEMPO Innovation TEMPO Mix goes even further in customisation, as it allows several colours and materials to be combined on the same panel.

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