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Stonblend HDF

Stonblend HDF is a nominal 5mm thickness flooring system that combines a decorative appearance with excellent chemical, stain and wear resistance. This heavy duty flooring system blends decorative quartz in a variety of colours with epoxy resin to produce a very tough floor that will perform in a variety of industries from pharmaceutical, laboratories, cleanrooms, and healthcare applications. Stonblend is also available with a recycled content for an environmentally friendly application. Stonblend HDF provides a matt finish with mild slip resistance.

Stonchem 600 Series

Stonchem 600 series is a novolac epoxy lining system than can be used for secondary containment, concrete pads, pedestals and splash/spill areas. The product offers very high chemical resistance to most mineral acids, solvents and all caustics. Stonchem is available in a mid grey gloss finish and slip resistant textures can be added. Stonchem systems can be a simple coating, reinforced with fibreglass matting or laid over a mortar system for increased durability.

Stonclad GS

Stonclad GS is an extremely hard, impact resisting mortar which exhibits excellent abrasion, wear and chemical resistance.

Stonclad GS can be used throughout industrial applications where a heavy duty floor system is required. The system can be laid with or without texture balancing slip resistance with cleanability for each clients individual requirements. The product provides a high gloss finish which is perfect for most industrial applications. Stonclad GS can be laid between 3 and 6mm thickness depending upon the durability required.

Stonclad UF

Stonclad UF is a 6 or 9mm thickness heavy duty trowel applied polyurethane mortar system. Stonclad UF exhibits excellent, impact, abrasion, thermal shock, thermal cycling and chemical resistance making it perfect for food and beverage facilities, heavy manufacturing and chemical plants. The product has an integral texture through the aggregate filler and it can be laid without a primer to minimise downtime on site. Various solid colours are available in a matt finish. An increase in thickness increases thermal shock capability

Stonclad UT

Stonclad UT is a high impact-resistant resistant mortar which exhibits excellent abrasion, thermal shock, thermal cycling and chemical resistant characteristics making it ideal for the food and beverage industry as well as any other industry requiring these properties. Stonclad UT is a dense liquid-rich, self-priming, textured polyurethane mortar system. The product offers three different levels of texture; light medium and heavy, as well as a variety of colours with a gloss finish.

Stongard MR

Stongard MR is primarily a waterproofing system but can be used as a final finish. It is an elastomer-based waterproofing system for positive-side waterproofing applications. It is designed to protect areas below mechanical rooms, pump and mezzanine floors from water damage. Stongard MR can be laid under a variety of Stonhard flooring system as an additional waterproofing layer. A variety of textures can be added as required and a variety of solid colours are available. Stongard MR can be laid onto substrates including concrete, screed, wood or metal.

Stonres RTZ

Stonrez RTZ is an ergonomic, resilient, noise-reducing floor that gives specifiers a variety of colours and patterns than can be created which are perfect for public spaces. Highly recommended for healthcare, education and public spaces as its seamless finish helps support infection control programs. Stonrez RTZ can be installed as a solid colour or terrazzo effect.

Stonshield ESD

Stonshield ESD is a 2-3mm seamless, conductive decorative epoxy floor system which provides outstanding static control properties and durability. Stonshield ESD is designed for areas where ESD sensitive components are present and where there is traffic and loading on the floor. Stronshield ESD provides a textured decorative finish with a variety of colour variations. Typical applications for Stonshield ESD include: Pharmaceutical processing, food processing where powders are present, loading docks, traffic aisles, electronic parts assembly, server rooms and assembly, automotive assembly, paint shop and any other area requiring a conductive floor.

Stonshield HRI

Stonshield HRI is a decorative, textured, epoxy based flooring system designed to produce a cleanable, attractive, slip-resistant floor finish. Stonshield HRI bonds directly to concrete or screed to form a durable, chemical resistant overlayment for medium to heavy traffic areas. The product is ideal for light/medium manufacturing and process areas in pharmaceutical facilities as well as commercial applications. Stonshield HRI is available in solid or tweed colour patterns.

Stontec ERF

Stontec ERF is a dense, durable, stain-resistant decorative flake system with a large range of finishes. ERF is an epoxy flooring system designed for use over smooth concrete and is commonly used in canteens, healthcare, education, laboratories, retail and sports venues. The colour flake broadcast results in an attractive floor finish with a gloss or matt finish and various textures are possible.

Showing 1-10 of 10