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Building with Structural Stone

Using stone as a structural material has fallen out of favour, but the idea has been circulating for a while that stone should reclaim its place as a sustainable structural building material. France has been using stone as a load bearing or semi-load bearing material since the end of WW2, and in the UK Amina Tahas Groupwork architectural practice has been working closely with Steve Webb of Webb Yates and Pierre Badaud from the Stonemasonry Company Ltd to champion the use of stone as a loadbearing material. This white paper looks at the possibilities.

Commonly Used Types of Stone

Descriptions and technical data for some of the most commonly specified types of marble, granite and limestone including Carrara, Portland Stone, Zimbabwe Black.

Specifying Stone Responsibly

An examination of the specification of natural stone from the point of view of its sustainability, environmental impact and effect on human health and well-being.

Specifying the correct stone for your project

The term natural stone is a broad one covering a multitude of different types of stone which look very different and have different properties. This paper looks at what to consider when specifying stone for a project.

Showing 1-7 of 7