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Customer Story - Nuclear Bunker Home

Mr & Mrs Asare-Joy are lucky to live in a stunning converted nuclear bunker in Devon. This unique and beautiful property benefits from open plan living and the installation of a Stiltz Homelift to help with moving between floors for an older relative who shares their home. However, Mr & Mrs Asare-Joy are also more than happy to make use of the compact and elegant Stiltz Homelift.

Stiltz Trio+ - Home Extention Customer Story

Mr. & Mrs. Kilburn live in, and run their business from, a detatched, character Victorian property in Peterborough. To accommodate Mr. Kilburn's Primary Orthostatic Tremor diagnosis, they completely remodelled their home. The project included widening/removing of doors, creating level or ramped access throughout the downstairs and building an extension for a downstairs study and upstairs dressing room. The couple installed a Stiltz Trio+ Wheelchair homelift into their new extension. Read more about this remodelling in the case study.

Showing 1-10 of 10