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A Stiltz Classic Homelift for a Classic Interior - Surrey

There are many Stiltz Homelift customers who invest in a lift despite not yet needing one. They are the ones who are determined to stay in the home they love and not be forced to downsize due to age or mobility issues. A lot of customers take the opportunity to update their homes, creating a contemporary space which would work for them going forward in their lives. Other customers are staunchly traditional and continue to enjoy their home the way it always was, such as Lady Allun Jones featured in this customer story.

Stiltz Duo+ Homelift Installation - Ongar

This Essex couple were the first-ever Stiltz Homelifts customers back in 2010. An original Classic model was installed into their sizeable house to help with one of the owners' degenerative spinal condition. While the ailment has - due to pioneering surgery - been relieved, they were still keen to proceed with the installation of a second homelift - the significantly-upgraded Duo+ model. It really is a case of coming back for seconds!

Showing 1-3 of 3