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Specialist Washing Company Ltd trading as WuduMate

Specialist Washing Company Ltd trading as WuduMate

Safe, dignified cost effective footbaths for muslim ablution (wudu), a pre-prayer washing ritual

+44 (0)1784 748080 www.wudumate.com

WuduMate is the world's leading provider of ablution products for prayer and multi-faith rooms. There are WuduMate models and accessories available for every building and environment, - the WuduMate Compact for low usage such as homes but also where where space is limited, the WuduMate Classic for commercial projects, ideal for medium and high usage, and the WuduMate Modular which fits neatly together in series for high usage, communal ablution, typically in commercial projects or mosques. Where no suitable permanent location is available to install a permanent washing facility WuduMate can offer the Worlds first portable appliance for wudu, the WuduMate Mobile.

Accessories include taps which are designed specifically with each WuduMate model to ensure grey water does not splash on the person or their cloths since that can invalidate the wudu ritual. Other accessories include wastes, mixing valves and different coloured seat tops and decoration for the WuduMate Modular to personalise the WuduMate installation.

The Biozone range is available to kill the bacteria which makes unpleasant odours in washrooms, and is also proven to kill Covid.


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Trade names

  • WuduMate, WuduMate Compact, WuduMate Classic, WuduMate Modular, WuduMate Mobile