SFS Group Fastening Technology Ltd

SFS Group Fastening Technology Ltd

+44 (0)330 0555 888 www.uk.sfs.com

SFS is one of the world's leading manufacturer of carbon and stainless steel fastener components for the building envelope, as well as innovative Rainscreen sub-frame systems, high performance door hinges and award winning fall protection systems. SFS are a Swiss headquartered company with annual sales in excess of £1.4bn. Based in Leeds for over 100 years with offices in Welwyn Garden City, for more information on SFS products please visit our website to find out more at www.uk.sfs.com or give us a call on 44 0330 0555 888.

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Trade names

  • Eko
  • Irius
  • Isofast
  • Isotak
  • Isoweld
  • JB-D Nvelope
  • Kladfix
  • Sassba
  • Security +
  • Soter
  • Spedec
  • Spike
  • TDBL nonut
  • Top Form