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Rigid Chain Technology

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For over 40 years SERAPID has been providing a range of electro-mechanical actuators based on its own unique Rigid Chain technology (RCT). The resultant actuators are ideal where there is a requirement for large loads, long transfer path or harsh environment. The standard range of product provides for pushing/pulling forces of up to 160,000N and this combined with strokes of up to many metres offers solutions for almost any mechanical handling requirement. The actuators can be configured in many ways allowing a system to be fitted in to almost any available space. SERAPID push pull systems are simple and robust meaning that they are almost maintenance free with an enviable reputation for reliability, making them the first choice for demanding environments such as nuclear, aerospace and defence, medical, production line and materials handling industries. SERAPID engineers have unrivalled product knowledge and will assist you with any application requirements.

SERAPID is a RIBA CPD Provider

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