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Screen With Envy Limited

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We are the original creators of the designer screen. Founded by Sophie in 2017, we hand-design, craft and assemble screens that transform both interior and exterior in all sectors. Everything we do is driven by quality, style and Envy – if Sophie wouldn’t have it in her home and if it doesn’t create that ‘ooh, I want that’ feeling, we wouldn’t make it.

Screen With Envy designs and manufactures stunning screens suitable for both interior and exterior use in residential and commercial applications. Made from an advanced wood composite which is a mix between recycled plastic and natural wood, the screens blend the look of wood with the durability of plastic.

Zero Maintenance

Modular Designs


UV Treated

Fire Rated

Simple Installation

Highly Customisable

Screen With Envy doesn't just offer screens we offer designer products that can all be used internally or externally.

Typical uses are as follows:

Exterior - Residential

Cladding Existing Fences

Replacing Tired Fences

Hiding Bin Areas


Around Seating Areas

Bordering Patio Areas

Attaching to Planters

Fixing to Walls

Pergola Roofing

Hot Tub Screening

Interior - Residential


Wall Art


Wardrobe Fretwork

Table Tops

Exterior - Commercial


Roof Terraces

Seating Areas

Bar / Restaurant Areas

Decorative Features


Living Walls

Interior - Commercial

Reception Areas



Restaurants / Bars

Spa Areas

Suspended from Ceiling

Wall Art

Wardrobe Fretwork

The off-the-shelf range is offered in a selection of modular designs to offer clients a bespoke look at a fraction of the cost.

Screen With Envy also specialises in producing custom designs & sizes at a competitive price point. This allows architects and their clients to create bespoke designs (including logos) which can be incorporated at varying points throughout a design while benefitting from a zero maintenance, durable product.

We are based in London, England but happy to work and ship worldwide.

Visit our website to see the full product range or please contact us with any questions or to discuss bespoke work.






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Brochure - Screen With Envy Products Overview 2021

Brochure - Screen With Envy Products Overview 2021

Composite Screens (Technical Product Data Sheet)

Composite Screens (Technical Product Data Sheet)

Designer Patterns (Technical Product Data Sheet)

Designer Patterns (Technical Product Data Sheet)

All Gates Overview - Technical Product Details

All Gates Overview - Technical Product Details

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