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PermAlert ( a Division of Perma-Pipe, Inc. )

PermAlert ( a Division of Perma-Pipe, Inc. )

Don't Let Leaks go UNDETECTED!

+1.847.966.2190 www.permalert.com

PermAlert, a division of PERMA-PIPE, Inc., manufactures and sells Liquid Leak Detection Systems (LDS) worldwide. These systems monitor, locate and quickly alarm of leaks, meeting the FM7745 and UL approved standard of detecting leaks with a 30 second or less response time. Common applications would include data centers, pipelines above or below ground, generators, storage tanks, pumps, hospitals and airports and include liquids such as water, crude, petrol, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel, naphtha, electrolytes including acids and bases or any other hydrocarbons. Further details about us can be found on www.PermAlert.com.

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