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PCT Chemie UK Ltd

PCT Chemie UK Ltd

PCT Chemie UK Ltd is the UK arm of PCT Performance Chemicals GmbH

+44 (0)151 345 7390 www.pct-chemie.co.uk

PCT Chemie UK supplies a range of advanced floor screeding products manufactured in Germany by PCT Chemie GmbH, offering innovative and unique performance characteristics for the UK Construction Industry.

Benefits of using PCT Chemie screeding products include:-

Sustainability - no sheets of plastic required for curing.

Health and Safety - free of harmful content such as carbon black or respirable crystalline silicates.

Faster curing and drying times - just 48 hours from laying for tiles and 72 hours from laying for all other finishes (including both curing and drying times, whilst competitors only quote one or the other).

Reduced shrinkage and associated lifting and curling normally associated with semi-dry screeds.

No fibre reinforcement required to enhance performance.

Greater impact and point load resistance with over 50N/mm² compressive strengths available.

Ideal for UFH systems with commissioning after just 24 hours, 60% greater conductivity and just 30mm pipe cover required.

Unique product performance (rather than just defective material) guarantee from Manufacturer.


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Retanol Xtreme - High Performance Levelling Screed

Retanol Xtreme - High Performance Levelling Screed


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1. PCT UK Retanol Xtreme

1. PCT UK Retanol Xtreme

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