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Palram Europe Ltd

Manufacturer of polycarbonate, PVC and acrylic sheets for roofing and cladding

+44 (0)1302 360161 www.palram.com

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A puzzle of SUNLITE panels at VTB Arena, Moscow

What challenges were the planners of Moscow's VTB Arena facing? How did the mega complex achieve its unique look? What solutions did Palram's multiwall polycarbonate sheets deliver? Find out how construction engineers, polymers specialists and logistic teams dealt with new challenges day-by-day, to make one of the world's most inspiring projects possible.

Freedom in Design - An Overview of Palram Projects in Polycarbonate

The video shows a glimpse of previous projects using Palram polycarbonate panels. Palram's Projects Support Center consists of a dedicated team of experienced professionals, leveraging Palram’s expertise in panel extrusion. We offer design & engineering services and provide architects and building professionals with a comprehensive and holistic solution for their architectural and construction projects. Over the past two decades, the Palram Projects Support Team had a key role in the realization of world renowned sports venues, major transportation hubs and roadways, as well as large scale commercial, industrial and agricultural facilities.

Hangzhou Stadium, with Sunpal architectural glazing

In a challenging logistical project, Palram has shipped 15,000m2 SUNPAL® panels to China. The panels are used as skylights and sidelights designed as flower petals, within a spectacular flower-shaped sports venue in the Olympic-sized main stadium of Hangzhou Sports Park. The stadium designers, NBBJ of the US and the Chinese CCDI who, already cooperated with Palram on the Huizhou stadium in 2009. The panels, being 13.5 - 18.5m long, required a special logistical solution, these were then shipped to China in the under deck area of the cargo vessel.

PALGARD™ Pedestrian Bridge Glazing in Denver, Colorado, USA

The designer identified the benefits of Palram's PALGARD hard coated monolithic Polycarbonate for the bridges’ glazing material. Critical considerations were safety, resistance to physical impact, vandalism and graffiti, adverse weather conditions, aesthetics and high light transmission. Clear and bronze panels achieve the required transparency, light transmission, and overall look and feel.

PALSUN® Pool Cover Gold Coast, Australia

Palram’s PALSUN polycarbonate sheets were chosen to boost daylighting & to improve the overall atmosphere at the gold coast residential pool. Critical considerations were sheet weight and impact resistance. Palram provided all the specification details to customize the system for the application. A high-performance enclosure, sealing the transparent roof system to sliding glass doors and windows optimizes ventilation and temperature control inside the space.

Shenzhen Universiade Sport Center

The challenge was to cover the 45000sqm stadium while designing a new architectural aluminum profile system for PALSUN panels. The system supports all architectural "crazy" designs and allows for thermal expansion, 0% slope and installation convenience (modularity). The 2010 Shenzhen Universiade Sport Center was covered with Palsun 8, 10 and 12mm weighing 550 tons, solar green, triangular shaped (8 different sizes). The architect’s original design was based on another Palram system based on screw fastening therefore, suitable for rectangular panels – expansion in one direction only. Triangular panels require a solution that allows for expansion/contraction in all directions (inscribed circle).

SUNPAL Skylight at the Ringwood Aquanation Centre in Melbourne, Australia

Palram worked with the architects on Aquanation from 2012 until its completion in 2015. The specified roofing system, SUNPAL White Opal Diffuser Plus 18 mm, features a double diffuser effect to soften the transmitted natural daylight as well as the inner reflections of electric lighting during dark hours. The multiwall polycarbonate architectural panel system was integrated into the skylights along with 3 types of curved roof deck finishes. Palram provided a unique span-bar rafter system with a custom bracket design to enable this challenging installation.

The Standing Seam Polycarbonate Roofing System at the Garruankilla Farmer’s Market

SUNGLAZE was specified as the roofing material for this structure once the advantages and capabilities of polycarbonate in general and SUNGLAZE Solid Polycarbonate Standing-Seam Architectural System were demonstrated (the initial plan was to use flat glass). The double curve was achieved via 14 m long sheets of Clear 4/600 SUNGLAZE.

Showing 1-9 of 9