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Delta Coil

Delta Coil is elegant and functional in its design, delivering class-leading insulation characteristics and is compatible will all boilers, using smooth piped, scale-resistant heating coil.

Delta Geocoil

Delta Geocoil series is the most efficient heat pump cylinder available, uitilising unique Vacuum Panel Insulation and is the only full range of ErP A-rated cylinders available from 200 - 300 L.

Delta Powercyl

Delta Powercyl can deliver nearly double the flow rates (up to 5 bar) of a standard cylinder with its 1” connections.

Delta Twin Coil

Delta Twincoil is ideal for domestic hot water production from solar collectors up to 12 m² in combination with boilers, with the smooth piped, scale-resistant heating coil.

Maxi Accu

Maxi Accu is an ideal accumulator tank for heat pump / solar collectors, ensuring optimal working conditions for the energy source and providing stable temperature to the system.

Maxi Coil

Maxi Coil is ideal for direct electric operation during summer and can be switched to boiler operation during winter.

Maxi Geocoil

Maxi Geocoil has been custom-made for maximum hot water production from heat pumps up to 40 kW (400 L = 25 kW / 600 / 1 000 L = 40 kW).

Maxi Standard

Maxi Standard is suitable for most commercial hot water demands, and is heated either with the integrated electric INCOTEC immersion heaters.

Maxi Xpress

Maxi Xpress boasts twice the available immersion heater capacity as the standard, is heated either with the integrated electric INCOTEC immersion heaters.


Slimline is the slimmest domestic cylinder available at only 430 mm diameter

Super Coil

Super Coil is a virtually pre-plumbed cylinder for a system boiler and can also be linked to a heat only boiler. Smooth piped, scale-resistant heating coil ensuring efficient heat transfer.

Super Xpress

Super Xpress - SX - utilizes OSO iQ–CONTROL which lowers temperature during periods with low consumption, resulting in considerable energy savings.

Showing 1-12 of 12