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DoP - Wavin UltraRib Ring Seals

Declared Performances based on harmonized standard BS EN 681-1: 1996. Elastomeric Seals - Material requirements for pipe joint seals used in water and drainage applications. KM07729 (BSI).

Osma Inspection Chambers Product & Installation Guide

The Osma/Wavin range of Non Man-Entry Inspection Chambers are designed for use in gravity drainage installations and are offered for connections to pipe diameters: 110mm, 150/160mm, 225mm and 300mm.

Osma Rainwater Systems Product & Installation Guide

The Osma range offers a choice of six rainwater gutter profiles to meet the varying aesthetic, performance and installation requirements for all types of building, from single dwelling to large residential, commercial or industrial premises. In addition, Osma Domed Roof Outlets provide efficient and reliable drainage for flat roofs. These pages provide an overview of the Osma range to help specifiers select the most appropriate system for a specific project.

Osma Soil and Waste Product & Installation Guide

The Osma Soil and Vent range offers an exceptional choice of pipe and fittings including brackets, bends, junctions, access fittings, terminations and problem solvers. Available in a choice of colours (black, grey and white) and connection methods: ring-seal (push-fit) and solvent weld to give maximum installation flexibility.

OSMA UltraRib Product & Installation Guide

Osma UltraRib is a fully socketed system of pipe and fittings which combines secure jointing with ease of installation. The pipe has a smooth inner surface and externally has a repeating pattern of concentric ribs which gives the pipe its exceptional axial rigidity and enhanced radial strength.

OsmaDrain Product & Installation Guide

The OsmaDrain system is designed for use in gravity drainage installations with pipe and fittings being offered in 110mm and 160mm diameters. The OsmaDrain range includes a wide variety of standard fittings such as bends, junctions and rodding access parts together with specialised fittings, such as bottle gullies. The OsmaDrain range offers two alternative means of access to underground drainage pipelines, giving Specifiers and Installers the freedom to choose the most suitable system for their needs.

TN 10317 - HepVo self-sealing waste valve

HepVO ® is a self-sealing waste valve for use as an alternative to a traditional water seal trap, in particular where a water seal trap is not suitable, for example, due to climate, movement of the appliance or because of infrequent use. Its in-line design and the option of either horizontal or vertical installation can save space. The valve can also reduce the requirement for additional venting of some appliances. HepVO ® is made of a polypropylene body with an elastomeric membrane, in the form of a self-flattening tube, acting as a selfsealing valve. The self-closing membrane prevents foul air from drainage systems from entering the building and also acts as an insect barrier.

TN 10318 - Air admittance valve

Where branch pipes are long or steep, negative pressures can develop in the system which can cause loss of seal in water seal traps by self siphonage. EN 12056-2, Table 6 and Approved Document H1, Diagram 3 give guidance on when provision of branch pipe ventilation is required. This is traditionally by provision of a water seal trap incorporating an AAV. Where HepVO ® is used in place of a water seal trap there is no further need for a branch air admittance valve for venting protection at that appliance. The HepVO ® will only allow air to enter the systems and will prevent backflow of air from the stack.

TN 10319 - Recreational vehicles

Drainage systems in recreational vehicles such as caravans, coaches, buses, motorhomes and boats have issues with water seal traps because of movement and potential infrequent use. The use of water seal traps in these circumstances may cause the water seal to be lost or to evaporate over time, allowing odours to escape from the waste system into the vehicle.

TN 10320 - Hot climates and infrequent use

The HepVO ® self-sealing valve uses an elastomeric membrane to create the odour seal and therefore there is no water/sealing fluid that may evaporate or deteriorate that may compromise the seal. The features and benefits listed in Technical Note TN10317 for the application of the HepVO ® valve in the domestic environment also apply to the installation of the self-sealing valve in hot climatic conditions.

TN 10321 - Condensate drainage and unvented hot water systems

In the UK, the use of a temperature relief valves or combined temperature and pressure relief valves is mandatory for unvented hot water storage system in excess of 15 litres and also used on some vented hot water storage systems. These valves can discharge at 96?C (BS EN 1490:2011). However, discharges from pressure-only relief valves without temperature control will discharge at over 100?C. The HepVO ® self-sealing valve can be fitted to the discharge of unvented hot water storage systems, primary thermal heat stores and heat interface units allowing them to be connected directly to sanitary pipework provided they are fitted with a temperature relief valve or combined temperature and pressure relief valve.

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