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Specialist Seals Solutions

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We are a provider of specialist seal solutions. As experts in our field, we develop and improve products on a constant basis to ensure we both meet and exceed the very latest industry standards. Our approach to customer service and distribution is unrivalled. We aim to provide a next-day delivery service for just about every item required regardless of the size of order. We do this by working closely with supply chain partners, matching their product and service offering with the needs of the customer and always promoting good practice within the industry. We pride ourself on being able to make decisions at speed and reacting to market trends quickly. Added to this our enviable knowledge base and friendly support team shows why we are the top choice for the supply of intumescent and acoustic seals. As well as door seals, we also stock a wide range of ancillary door products. These include fire rated glazing, electrical and plumbing solutions, fire rated ventilation, letter plates, door viewers, threshold plates, weather seals and finger protection products.

Trade names

  • Advantage
  • Echelon 625
  • Echelon 628
  • Echelon 634
  • Echelon 640
  • Echelon 641
  • Echelon 642
  • Edge
  • FingerWizard
  • FireWizard
  • NOR195
  • NOR200
  • NOR250
  • NOR300
  • NOR510
  • NOR615
  • NOR620
  • NOR625
  • NOR630
  • NOR650
  • NOR695
  • NOR710
  • NOR710FR
  • NOR710SR
  • NOR710STOP
  • NOR720
  • NOR755
  • NOR788
  • NOR810®
  • NOR810S
  • NOR810S+
  • NOR815
  • NOR820
  • NOR850
  • NOR855
  • Norcoustic
  • NORfast
  • NORL710SR
  • Norseal
  • Norsound
  • Universal
  • Vision