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Norcros Adhesives, trading division of Norcros Group (Holdings)

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A water-based polymer additive, providing enhanced flexibility and adhesive strength to Norcros cement-based grouts.

Norcros Pro Ply

Water-resistant multi-purpose construction/ tile backer board.


Anti crack underlay for tiles.

Prime Bond

A multi-purpose synthetic SBR polymer primer and bond coat.

Pro Gyp Base Sealer

Norcros Pro Gyp-Base is a 3-part preparation system which allows ceramic & porcelain tiles to be fixed onto anhydrite screeds that are a minimum of 7 days old (95% Relative Humidity). The system offers a fast track solution when tiling onto anhydrite screeds, greatly reducing the minimum drying times generally quoted for this type of screed of 1 mm/day up to 40 mm and an additional 1 mm/2 days above 40 mm thickness


  • Tile to 7 day old screeds (up to 95% RH).
  • Kit contains all you need to prepare 25 m².

Super Epoxy Grout

A hard wearing two-part waterproof epoxy grout, for use with all types of tiling.

Showing 1-36 of 46