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Nicholson is a manufacturer and supplier of quality, functional and innovative roofing systems to the construction and solar industries. Our brands provide a go-to solution for many common roof construction details. AIRTRAK™ AIRTRAK™ is a proprietary range of ventilators designed specifically for the ventilation of roof voids. AIRTRAK™ assists specifiers, builders and specialist contractors in helping them to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations in relation to the important issue of roof void ventilation and the control of condensation. ROOFTRAK™ The ROOFTRAK™ IFP Integrated Fixing Point system has been developed specifically around the challenging scenario of providing a connection to the building structure whilst maintaining 100% integrity of the weathering membrane. The typical uses of the IFP include: - Cladding support framework - PV and thermal solar panels - Timber decking - Balustrades - Other roof mounted equipment and plant ROOFBOX™ ROOFBOX™ is a proprietary riser weathering system, designed specifically to address the inherent problems of waterproofing service penetrations at roof level. These insulated aluminium units are powder coated and provide an alternative to the traditional 'dog kennel' approach to weathering services as they exit the roof. CPD Nicholson STS offer three online CPD presentations. For more information please contact

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