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Case Study - Bedford Road, London

Neacos structural glass balconies are adding beautiful minimalist looks in keeping with the impressive contemporary design of Oakapple Groups mixed-use development in the centre of Clapham.

Case Study - Steel City House, Sheffield

Neacos extensive balustrade specification has helped to transform a Grade II Listed former Post Office and Telephone Exchange into Grade A contemporary offices in Sheffield city centre.

Case Study - Warwick University

Neacos powder coated balustrade and aluminium grille systems have been extensively specified at The Slate, the University of Warwicks impressive conference centre occupying a waterside setting in the heart of the campus.

Genesis handrails, balustrade and walkways for industrial environments

Genesis is a range of high-performance balustrade, rails, access walkways and roof protection systems which are ideal for the urban and industrial landscape. Genesis products are extremely durable, fully recyclable, corrosion-free and environmentally friendly with a modular construction which requires no welding for assembly. Available as mill finished or coated, Genesis applications also provide fast installation with minimal energy consumption and disruption to site. All Genesis products are versatile and adaptable, strong and maintenance-free. Handrails are engineered for a smooth finish and tactile comfort – with DDA-compliant options available - and aluminium open grille walkways are lightweight yet durable with high slip resistance for secure footing.

Neaco Bathing Range

Neaco have decades of experience in the design and manufacture of beautiful bathrooms for all levels of mobility. Serving every budget and taste, our diverse range combines aesthetic style with usability. From market-leading true-level-access showers and half-height enclosures to shower seats grab rails, support fittings and accessories in contemporary or classic colours, the Neaco bathing range provides universal use and universal appeal.

Neaco's new balcony decking concept - Neatdek HW

Neaco, one of the UKs leading manufacturers of modular balconies, has introduced an innovative new decking concept to its well-established Neatdek balcony flooring range. The Neatdek HWs cutting-edge design incorporates a unique U-shaped concealed drainage channel. This channel sits beneath the discreet gaps in the decking surface and directs water in the chosen direction. This affords a level of protection for the balconies and removes the need for balcony soffits and downpipes. It also provides a safe, anti-slip surface for residents. The hidden drainage system makes Neatdek HW aesthetically pleasing and offers high levels of privacy by restricting the view from above and below, making it ideal for balconies.

Neatdek 188 Decking & Flooring

Neatdek 188 is an innovative a new aluminium decking system with concealed drainage gaps below the surface to provide an unrivalled combination of privacy, low maintenance and safety underfoot. With a unique T-bar grille design which appears to be closed but is actually open, Neatdek 188 completely restricts the view from above and below and keeps litter and other items on the surface for easy cleaning. The absence of gaps on the foot contact area also makes it safe to walk on in any type of footwear. The gap-free surface makes it ideal for balcony flooring because the restricted view maintains total privacy. Neatdek 188's safe footing makes it an excellent option for all types of flooring, including bridges and public spaces where pedestrian safety is paramount.

Spectrum Balustrade & Balconies

A comprehensive brochure outlining Neaco's Spectrum range of handrails, balustrade, balconies and structural glass. Suitable for a wide variety of built environments and applications, these versatile modular systems offer a huge choice of design options. Available in powder-coated aluminium, stainless steel, or a combination of both, Neaco's Spectrum Balustrade range includes a comprehensive choice of infills, from toughened glass and rails, to mesh, tension wire and perforated panels. Aluminium Spectrum is available in a wide variety of solid, metallic and wood-effect finishes which are warm to the touch. The Spectrum range also includes a wide choice of glass-paneled Juliet and walk-on balconies. All Neaco products are backed by a class-leading Lifetime Guarantee.

Techdek Aluminium Open-Grille Systems

A comprehensive brochure outlining Techdek aluminium open grille systems. Techdek is a definitive architectural solution that delivers ultimate performance in a multitude of applications.

Techdek and Paldek Roof Walkway Brochure

Neaco's range of roof walkway and handrail systems provide safe, secure and long-term access solutions for general cleaning and maintenance purposes. Offering a choice of specifications to meet a variety of budgets and performance requirements, these superior modular systems combine lightweight construction with extreme durability and high aesthetic value.

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