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7 metre high wall installed in London school

Moving Designs partnered with the project team as a flexible space consultant to provide Moveable Walls to a School in Hackney The requirement in the main hall was a flexible space solution that would enable them to maximise the revenue potential of the space and blend seamlessly into the designs of the space. The opening was 23m wide by 7m high, and required a high dB rating. Moving Designs was able to lend their expertise in space management to provide our Prestige Moveable Wall. This was more than capable of allowing the space to serve for more than one purpose.

A vibrant partition for a vibrant school

A vibrant community school in Hackney requested a partition featuring blue sky, green grass, yellow sun & red rose. Everything in our world has a colour associated with it. For children in a learning environment, colour can have an effect on mood, emotion and productivity, making it an important and much-overlooked consideration in school design. Coloured surfaces enliven, enrich, energize and increase student’s brain function, helping eliminate eyestrain, monotony and dullness. Incorporating the colours of the rainbow in the classroom can make children feel enlivened, attentive and happy to be at school.

Acoustic Moveable Wall adds value to a School

A special needs school in Surrey contacted us directly to assist with separating their hall space. They opted for a striking neutral colour that complimented their surroundings perfectly. The simplicity of the soundproof acoustic moveable wall was not only a stunning feature but also added value to the school. This allowed a large hall to be separated into two, enabling simultaneous activities to be undertaken at the same time. With ever growing class sizes and schools running out of space they recognised the importance of being able use their space more effectively with an acoustic partition.

Acoustic Moveable Walls & their role in Schools

Moveable Partitions in schools promote flexible learning spaces in the classrooms and beyond, creating an enhanced learning experience for the 21st Century. An important feature of flexible learning space is that it is of sufficient size to accommodate a range of different learning activities and can be easily configured or adapted to suit the activities taking place. With Moveable Partitions space can immediately be minimised to accommodate smaller groups. Whilst increasing the size means that the space can be occupied by more than one teacher, allowing for a collaborative learning environment.

Acoustic Moveable Walls ~ Where Sound is Sacred

Moveable Walls are an ideal solution to utilise available space within any religious building including Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Islamic Centres and other types of worship space. Modern worship spaces have increasingly seen a need for multi-functionality, often hosting multiple religious services with varying acoustical needs simultaneously. Moveable Walls are acoustically rated partitions and are designed, engineered and installed to provide varying degrees of sound control, encompassing the mitigation of any unwanted sound from intrusive noise sources from one space to the next.

Acoustic Partitions ~ Smart Use of Space

Moving Designs were brought in to assist a special needs school in Surrey separate their Hall into two. They needed the ability to sub-divide their hall for simultaneous activities. We provided our top hung Prestige Moveable Wall to enable them to accomplish this. The panels were finished in a stylish ash laminate, providing 45dB Rw acoustic performance. The Prestige offers an effective space solution, with an acoustic insulation of up to 58dB noise reduction. When the seals are retracted they will glide effortlessly along the unique overhead track. Enabling the Hall to be transformed in a matter of minutes.

Acoustics for a Sound Education

To improve acoustics requires reducing secondary sound paths with sound absorbing materials. In the classroom, the opportunity for acoustical treatment relies mainly on the ceilings & walls. Products like Acoustic Panels, Tiles, Ceiling Clouds, & Ceiling Baffles are all sound absorption products that are designed to reduce the problem of sound echo and noise reverberation. Our Serenity range enhances the environment’s acoustics by absorbing the optimal amount of sound at different frequencies, reducing unwanted reverberation. The innovative technology eliminates echo for a more peaceful environment and dramatically improves audibility

Aesthetics’ and acoustic performance important to the Holiday Inn

Moving Designs were contacted by the Holiday Inn to replace three of their partitions. The spec was to replace their existing operable walls with our high specification Prestige partitions. The hotel wanted all 27 panels to be papered with a heavy duty covering from the Tektura range identical to their surroundings. The need for good acoustics was obviously crucial to allow the hotel to maximise their revenue allowing them to run seven functions concurrently with no disturbance. When the customer requires the space to be increased they are able to fold back the papered walls to blend into the decor.

Digitally Printed Moveable Walls

From provocative advertising to your own unique design or logo, digitally printed moveable walls can be as individual as you like, whether it be different designs or colours on either side the constraints are limited only by our imagination. Creating the right impression in your business premises is critical; it’s where the customer leaves behind the outside world and enters your space. A space that entices customers to find out more about you, so whatever they see needs to be impressive….

Fantastic Benefit of the Kudos Sliding Folding Partition

Imagine being able to negotiate your space to work to your advantage, having the ability to single-handedly transform a large area into multiple smaller spaces with minimal effort within a few moments. Our Kudos hinged sliding folding partitions, also known as folding walls, are UK manufactured to the highest specification. The Kudos offers many fantastic benefits whether it’s dividing a school hall into two different multi-purpose areas for simultaneous physical activities, or splitting a large conference facility in smaller seminar rooms by sub-dividing these spaces with sliding folding partitions.

Five star partition installation

When Moving Designs were asked to undertake a partition replacement in a five-star hotel in Manchester, we were certainly up for the challenge. Four tonnes of our Prestige acoustic partitioning were carried up two flights of stairs by nine of our skilled fitters; this had to be meticulously planned around the hotel users. The existing track had to be cut out of the ceiling to enable a new track to be replaced, seventeen panels and one pass door measuring 3.8 were installed, the plasterboard ceiling was re-instated, skimmed and re-decorated.

Kudos Sliding Folding Partition ~ The Multi-Use Concept

Working closely with Bates Office, Moving Designs were tasked with enabling a Property Company in Milton Keynes separate their first floor meeting room. The ceiling in place was a standard suspended ceiling therefore would not accommodate any weight. They also requested the system run between the two pillars then nest behind one of the pillars. Our Kudos bottom rolling, sliding folding partition was the perfect choice. The Kudos incorporates a series of flat panels that are hinged together to give a flush appearance when closed. The Kudos allows room sizes to be changed in a matter of minutes.

Moving Designs exceeds expectations in the education sector

Having a strong presence in the educational sector Moving Designs were specified by a Specialist Arts College in Hampshire. The scope was a robust system that was reliable, functional and offers strong acoustics properties within their budgetary constraints. Our Prestige partitions were more than capable of meeting and exceeding the required levels, consideration was also given to the surrounding structure ensuring there was no sound leakage, known as “flanking transmission.” Ensuring that all flanking elements were fully and appropriately sealed and insulated, this was critical in achieving the required dB rating.

Refurbishment and Repair of Acoustic Partitions

Our sister company Pro-Servicing Ltd employ some of the most experienced moveable wall engineers in the UK, who are able to diagnose and repair most makes of moveable walls and sliding folding partitions. Where there has been external damage to panel faces, we are able to replace or decorate the panel faces with bright fresh colours. Additional finishes also include pin boards, dry wipe boards or wall papers. We can also replace damaged edge profiles with new aluminium, profiles. Prolonging the life of your partition

Serenity Cloud Acoustic Panels

Strong, Subtle and Perfectly Suited to any Environment The Serenity Cloud - Ecopaint surface finish comes in a visually pleasing Arctic white speckled painted finish. However, they can be emulsion spray painted on site to any colour with little significant effect on acoustical performance. The Serenity Clouds come in many shapes, sizes and colours to meet your specific needs. They are unique and add the effect of visual beauty to any space.

Serenity Cloud – Ecopaint Suspended Acoustic Ceiling Panels

This version of Serenity Cloud has an Arctic white speckled painted finish on all 6 sides, giving a crisp visually attractive appearance. The panels are normally fitted as individual stand-alone panels as a design feature, with the distance between the adjacent panels to suit the customer needs. The perimeter of the panels is square edged.

Serenity Wall Panels ~ Making your interior quieter

The Serenity is the perfect acoustic and aesthetic solution for various noise reducing applications. It decreases the reverberation time and absorbs sound in any space they are used. The wall panels are used extensively to transform areas such as multi-purpose halls, open-plan offices, conference suites, studios and interview rooms into workable environments.

Serenity Wave Acoustic Panels

Lower Sound and Raise Your Style with Flowing Wave Tiles. Our Serenity Wave acoustic tiles provide high noise absorption for areas such as high-tech offices, airports, schools, entrance areas, music or television studi-os and retail stores. Serenity Wave’s acoustic tiles comprise of high-performance acoustic fire-rated foam, which is upholstered with a multitude of, soft, soothing colour acoustic fabrics. The fabric is covered on the face and edges and returns approx. 2 inches to the back.

Sliding folding partition installed in £6 million pound Sports Hub

Moving Designs were approached to assist in maximising the floor space in the main hall of a brand new £6m community sports hub. The scope was to sub-divide the main hall into to two fully functional spaces to accommodate a range of sporting activities. Good onsite acoustic performance was imperative. The structural support in the hub, above the opening wasn’t sufficient enough to carry the weight of a top hung partition; our customer opted for our floor supported continuously hinged panel systems with an ultra low profile floor track system which offers an excellent sound reduction.

The writings on the wall for open plan offices!

"Walls are for writing on". Moveable walls which double up as whiteboards can be written on from floor to ceiling and are increasingly becoming part of the corporate space design, fostering creativity and collaboration. What starts off a movable wall can easily be transformed into a space for brainstorming sessions, bringing ideas to life and creating a sense of community in the office, there are basically no constraints.

Turn your ceiling into a functional work of Art

Serenity Baffle are high performance baffles used to absorb noise in buildings. Serenity Baffle is particularly useful in situations where the roof space needs to support various services, or it is important to allow natural light. Not only are excellent acoustic results achieved in this way, but aesthetically innovative solutions are created. Typical uses are in schools, leisure centres, exhibition areas, offices, factories, studios and other internal building areas.

When a Moveable Wall is not just a Moveable Wall

At its most basic a Moveable Wall divides space but they can be used in a multitude of ways. The "White Board Movable Wall" a place for an impromptu meetings, brainstorming, a way to harness creative thinking, a space for the visual thinker. The "Printed Graphics Movable Wall, this can incorporate logos, pictures, vibrant colours or text, transforming your wall into a visually stunning work of art. The "Fabric Wall" tensioned fabric can be printed in high quality graphic. Allowing the wall to be branded and re-branded in a matter of minutes.

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