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Bank of England

Engaging with the customer to determine the most suitable hydration solutions for their staff and visitors that would have a capacity to dispense a large amount of water and fill large number of water bottles. Consultation, providing all technical information needed and then successful installation of aesthetically pleasing, WRAS approved, robust Halsey Taylor drinking fountains and bottle refill stations. We're continuing to support the customer with regular servicing and maintenance of the units.

Bedford Modern School

A successful roll out of 10 bottle refill stations with drinking fountains across the school to help reduce single-use plastics on site and provide hydration to students and staff. We recommended the installation of WRAS-approved Halsey Taylor chilled indoor unit that are also ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved meaning they can be easily accessed by wheelchair users as well. Capable of processing up to 1.5 gallons of chilled drinking water per minute, these fountains meet the demands of the school, and hands-free bottle filling mechanism and antimicrobial coating also maintain a high degree of hygiene.

Bournemouth University

Successful installation of WRAS approved high capacity Halsey Taylor sports bottle filling stations and drinking fountains required to hydrate 25,000 students, staff and visitors. The University was looking for a sustainable solution for rapidly refilling water bottles and providing alternative hydration solutions for the busy campus. MIW provided consultation, details technical information and installation the units. We're continuing to support and service the machines in order to maximise their benefits and keep them clean and long lasting.

Cardiff and Vale College

Provide high capacity BREEAM & WRAS approved sports bottle refill stations for their brand new impressive £45m campus in the heart of Cardiff city centre. Successful installation of 13 bottle refill stations, branded to the college’s bespoke directions, was completed. The units are robust, capable of rapidly filling bottles, wheelchair accessible and ADA approved ensuring they are accessible to all students. The selected equipment came with hands-free operation to ensure ease of use and high levels of hygiene at all times. We continue to providing regular servicing and support to keep all equipment in excellent condition.


East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust (EKHUFT) is one of the largest hospital trusts in England. Serving a local population of around 695,000 people as well as providing a number of specialist services to the wider population, it has five hospitals and community clinics within its remit. In November, 2019 Trust managers embarked upon a project to enhance patient hydration facilities in its three main hospitals. They appointed MIW Water Cooler Experts to oversee the project.

Heathrow International Airport

Engaged with Heathrow's management team to build upon the current offering of water fountains and help to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles used on site, with the introduction of a series of drinking fountains with integrated bottle filling stations. The bottle refill stations and drinking fountains went in to terminal's 2, 3 & 5 for the air side passengers. All equipment meets strict water authority guidelines (WRAS approved) and also are wheelchair accessible. 15 customised robust rapid filling stations were installed and continuing servicing and support is provided to keep units' best condition at all times.

Liverpool Street Station

Installation of Liverpool Street Station’s WRAS approved robust bottle filling stations to provide passengers with an alternative hydration solutions when travelling. The drinking fountains installed are quick and easy to use in order to cope with the high volume of station passengers (66 million every year), highly durable and vandal resistant. The chosen units are designed to be accessible to all, in conformity with the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act and the UK’s Equality Act (2010). WE continue to provide aftercare service for these bottle fillers.

London Gatwick Airport

Successful installation of sports bottle refill stations for use by passenger both land and air side. The units chosen are robust and able to withstand a large footfall and capable of rapid sports bottle filling. The machines we provided were WRAS and CE approved, wheelchair accessible and vandal resistant. We started with a consultation and site visit to determine the best possible spots for installation, providing all technical information required. Finally installation took place and on going service and support is being provided to ensure units are long lasting and remain clean and at their best condition at all times.

Natural History Museum

Worked with the Museum's team to determine the best option for their drinking fountain and a wall mounted censor operated Elkay bottle filling station was chosen. Successfully completed an installation of this high capacity bottle refill station to help hydrate visitors and help reduce plastic waste on site. WRAS and ADA approved unit is fully compliant with all water authority regulation, accessible to wheelchair users, vandal proof with rapid bottle filling technology. We're continuing to service the units regularly.

Old Trafford Cricket Ground

The aim of Manchester’s Old Trafford Cricket – home of Lancashire Cricket Club, was to reduce waste plastic while providing an additional service for visitors. We successfully managed installation of nine outdoor bottle refill stations and two indoor units. These drinking fountains cater for a large number of users – the grounds’ capacity is 26,000, with most seats filled during tournaments. These Halsey Taylor units are highly durable, robust and fully accessible for wheelchair users in line with the Equality Act (2010). MIW continues to provide regular service to all units installed.

Scottish Water

Successfully supplied 35 outdoor drinking fountains and bottle refill stations to be installed across Scotland. Each unit was branded with the organisation’s bespoke livery and, Scottish Water adapted to feature tracking devices to monitor each fillers use. All units supplied were WRAS approved, outdoor rated, stainless steal and vandal resistant to ensure they can both withstand cold Scottish weather as well as mitigate any damage that may occur. Throughout the project, the MIW team were able to suggest improvements and equipment upgrades which would negate the potential for future unit failure and damage.

Thames Water & Mayor of London

Sole supplier of the 100 drinking fountains across London. Working with the global partner Elkay, specialist stainless steel units were chosen which are WRAS-approved (Water Regulation Advisory Scheme) and meet strict water authority guidelines. The units are also vandal resistant and outdoor rated. To ensure the expected design finish, MIW also engineered, project managed and fitted the marine-grade stainless steel droplet which sits on top of every “Drinking Fountains for London” refill station. Post installation, MIW will provide continued scheduled sanitisation visits, support and aftersales service for 25 years subject to satisfactory performance reviews.

The Charter School North Dulwich

Installed 12 indoor bottle refill stations to keep students hydrated and help achieve the school's goal of removing single-use plastics from the school grounds by 2021. Vandal-resistant Halsey Taylor bottle filling model was chosen to answer all of the school’s needs: integrated filtration would ensure the highest quality of water and remove student’s concerns about the taste and smell of the water provided, WRAS approval guaranteed that all health and safety guidelines would be met. And ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) approval meant that the units were proven suitable for wheelchair users.

The Environment Agency

Successful installation of a high capacity bottle refill station for colleagues and visitors at the Environment Agency's offices helping keep everyone hydrated and promote refill culture and avoid plastic waste. The drinking fountain installed has rapid bottle filling technology, is simple to operate, hard wearing, WRAS approved and aesthetically pleasing. We provided initial consultation, engaging with the team to figure out their needs, then an engineer survey providing all necessary technical information and finally installation of the units. Continued support and service for the units is also provided.

Transport for London

Installed bottle fillers and drinking fountains across the TfL network, including some of the UK’s busiest stations: Waterloo, Imperial Wharf and Cannon Street Station. Being sited in very busy public spaces, the drinking equipment installed are durable and vandal-proof, also easy to use and accessible to as wide a number of users as possible – including the wheelchair users, in accordance with the ADA American with Disabilities Act & the UK Equality Act (2010). WRAS-approved stainless steel TfL branded machines were installed. MIW is continuing to install more units and provide further support and maintenance to ensure immaculate condition.

University of Chester

Successful installation of WRAS approved, durable and sustainable 30 units throughout a two-year programme to help the university reduce single-use plastics on site and provided students and staff with alternative hydration solutions. The units installed have been designed for fast-paced or high traffic environments and capable of filling up to 680 regular 500ml bottles with chilled, filtered water per hour. Hands-free operation reduces the chance of the units becoming damaged or dirty, while the narrow, wall-mounted design ensures that the bottle fillers don't turn corridors into obstacle courses. Finally, they are fully wheelchair accessible.

Wembley Football Stadium

Supplied 30 high quality WRAS-approved indoor and outdoor drinking fountains and bottle refill stations for the largest sporting ground in the country, attracting around 3 million visitors every year. All drinking fountains installed meet strict water authority guidelines (are WRAS approved), as advised by Wembley’s Technical Division. They are also compliant with the Equality Act (2010), ensuring that they would be easily accessible for wheelchair users, they're hard wearing, easy to use and vandal resistant. We continue to manage the units' sanitisation and servicing, ensuring that they are always hygienically clean and in full working order.

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club

Provide a range of outdoor and indoor bottle refill stations and drinking fountains to providing hydration options for visitors and staff. The site receives in excess of 39,000 visitors daily during the Wimbledon tennis grand slam tournament, so the machines had to be durable, weather and vandal resistant, WRAS-approved and withstand the large footfall. We also ensured that the bottle fillers adhered with Wimbledon’s dress code – a prerequisite RAL 6005 green – without reducing the outdoor filler’s weather-proofing. Each unit WAS hand-painted with a specially prepared RAL 6005 textured powder-coat finish prior to installation.

ZSL London Zoo

We worked with ZSL London Zoo on successful installation of WRAS approved, outdoor, stainless steel bottle refill stations. These stations were chosen to help combat plastic waste left on site by the visitors and staff and provide them with a convenient, clean and practical place to refill their reusable water bottles. The units provided are also wheelchair accessible, aesthetically pleasing and capable of rapid filling of sports bottles. We provided consultation, then an engineer survey and providing all necessary technical information and finally installation. Continued support and service for the units is also provided.

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