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Methven UK Ltd

Methven UK Ltd

Creating amazing water experiences

+44 (0)800 195 1602 www.methven.com/uk

Methven have been creating water experiences since 1886. Designed and engineered in New Zealand, Methven is a global manufacturer of beautifully designed, innovative and award winning showers, taps and valves. The perfect balance of leading-edge water technology and enduring style, Methven holds three of six worldwide patents for its showering technologies Aurajet™, Satinjet® and VJet™. Methven is committed to conserving energy and water to protect the planet for generations to come with its innovative technologies, which deliver an invigorating showering experience whilst actually using less water. Methven has won prestigious design awards including Red Dot, Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ Design Award, German Design Award and Chicago GOOD DESIGN AWARD and has twice been attributed with Coolbrands status.

Trade names

  • AurajetTM
  • Satinjet
  • The Deva Tap Company
  • VJetTM