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DGNB Membership

German Sustainable Building Council Membership.

Mero Air conditioning panels

Our all steel panel has been designed to offer unrivalled performance. 16-65% free air space is available, with a choice of dampers, and factory applied coverings. Ideal for providing cooling to electrical equipment or rooms, switch rooms or Data centres. compatible with all MERO panels.

Mero Combi T

Hollow floor system, the alternative to screed, an inter-locking Calcium sulphate board supported on steel pedestals, suitable for use in many locations. High loading possible to Class 6.

Mero Combi T Thermo

Hollow floor system with integral under floor heating and cooling. The alternative to the messy buried pipes in a screed solution that most try to avoid, we offer a dry solution with excellent performance using pre-milled Calcium Sulphate boards supported on pedestals. A1 fire rated and the only Hollow floor system tested to DIN standards.

Mero type 2 access floor.

Our type 2 system is all about what's under the floor, designed to be used with most of our panels, the under-structure has been designed for use with our 'C' section steel profiles, these supported on special pedestals means that we can offer an access floor with an integral equipment support frame, the system was designed for use in Switch Rooms, Data Centers, and high load Electrical rooms, sub stations etc.

Mero type 3 Access floor

An all steel access floor panel, where high performance is required. Fire rated, and non particle shedding making it suitable for Clean Room, Off-shore and marine applications. Powder coating also possible to ensure corrosion resistant.

Mero Type 5 Access floor.

High Density Particleboard access floor panel. Available in PSA Light-Heavy Grade thickness, and also BSEN class 2-5. Can also be provided with factory applied covering.

Mero Type 6 Access floor

Calcium Sulphate core access floor panel offering high performance, A1 fire rated.

Showing 1-11 of 11