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BBC Portland Place, Central London.

To reduce the amount of screeding Lendlease opted for our Hollow floor system Combi T for the 'Grand Entrance Foyer' this was produced with a factory applied Porcelain tile considerable savings were made on programme and installation.

Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre- CERC

Vinci selected Mero to provide the raised flooring for the control rooms, LV/HV Electrical rooms, this was a massive Civils project with our floor being 30m up in the structure, very challenging site conditions with most of the subfloor being covered with armoured cable and raceways.

Coventry University Engineering Faculty

Mero installed our type 5 panels to main circulation areas and classrooms, Beech faced panels to link bridges and breakout zones, in addition we provided our Combi T Thermo Hollow floor with under floor heating to the Starbucks coffee lounge within the entrance.

Data Centre-Chessington.

Mero type 6 mineral fibre floor panel was used to provide improved fire performance for data halls and surrounding Technical space.

Data Centre-Crawley

Mero type 6 mineral raised floor panels were installed to provide high performance for Data Halls, and Electrical and Battery Rooms, floor heights up to 800mm were installed circa 6000m2. The project was installed in 3 phases.

Essex University.

Mero provided type 5 access floors to main building several thousand meters installed, Ground floor entrance required a seamless transition from the Granite walkways outside to inside, this meant we provided 600m2 of our type 6 calcium sulphate panel factory applied with an Italian Granite.

Heathrow T5

Mero Hollow floor was installed with a Factory applied Terrazzo Tile in areas that backed onto the Heathrow Express.

High rise Residential

For a Flagship building like 'The Shard' the thought of screeding at that height would have been madness, fortunately for the design team our Hollow floor system met the challenge, our 36mm Combi T system was installed throughout 10 floors of penthouse circa 4000m2. this provided the perfect subfloor to accommodate the various luxury floor finishes.

Hotel Cinema staging

Mero Hollow floor was used to form a staging area to provide a Cinema experience within a five star Hotel in central London. Natural air plenum for air conditioning, solid subfloor to take seating.

IBM Data centre

Mero type 5 floor panels used with Mero all steel perforated air conditioning panels to distribute chilled air to the cold isles. Matching covering was applied to both to provide a seamless look.

Newhaven ERF-Control rooms

Non combustible Calcium sulphate type 6 panels were used to reduce any risk of fire spread. Under-structure was changed to our Type 2 system that has an integral frame system to support switch gear, HV cabinets. This C profile stringer system is unique to us.

Selfridges, London

One of Londons 'Flagship' stores Selfridges selected Hollow floor to provide a suitable subfloor for its new Body Studio floor this was designed for active Womens wear the client needed a system that could be levelled to accommodate an array of differing floor coverings yet also be lightweight for the aging structure. The system had been used on previous projects within the building so had a proven record for Retail.

Slough Data centre

High load Data Centre required our 38mm type 6 Calcium sulphate floor panel floor heights of 900mm with factory applied covering, circa 4000m2 also several hundred of the Mero perforated steel AC panels to cool the servers.

Trowbridge County Council Building

Prestigious Atrium with Hollow floor factory bonded with a Porcelain tile, air plenum with floor heights of 1100mm. This system was selected by Kier for this project not only did it meet the design intent it also provided reduction in programme and removed costs of a wet install of the tile finish, over 1000m2 .

WC Core in office

Hollow floor is often used as an alternative to screed it provides a solid subfloor that is suitable for hard coverings. can be used to take up levels and provide a lightweight solution. here large format Porcelain was used over 16 floors of cores and lift lobbies.

White City office HQ

Mero were contracted to install 12000m2 of our type 5 woodcore panels to open plan offices then a further 1000m2 of our type 6 mineral panel with a factory applied engineered stone tile for the entrance Atria on ground floor.

WWF HQ Woking

Mero supplied over 3000m2 of our type 5 woodcore panel and 500m2 of our type 6 calcium sulphate panel with tile finish. Client had very strict Environmental requirements meeting FSC requirements.

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