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Architectural Concrete - formwork solutions

Architectural Concrete adds a different dimension to bridges, retaining walls and other concrete structures. It is low maintenance and inherently fire resistant and delivers a range of sustainability benefits including energy-efficient production.

Egcobox - cantilever connection system

Egcobox cantilever connectors combine structural safety and ideal heat insulation. Structural stability of the Egcobox is provided by a framework of Steel reinforcements passing through the 60 to 120 mm thick thermal insulation material, thus connecting components such as balconies with the building.

Egcodorn - dowel system

The Egcodorn shear force dowel transfers maximum loads whilst having a minimal component thickness and is mainly used for static loads. The use of high-quality materials and the unique corrosion protection system guarantee the highest safety and reliability.

Egcodubel - shear force dowel

Egcodubel with sleeves are used for lightweight loads or for connection of structures, without sleeves they are used for connecting working joints or contraction joints.

Product Overview - Max Frank Ltd.

For over 50 years, Max Frank has designed, manufactured and supplied technology-based products and services to the construction industry. Max Frank are at the forefront of technological development and state-of-the-art manufacture. They are renowned for their industry-leading solutions including; fibre concrete spacers, Pecafil permanent formwork, Pecavoid ground heave solution, Shearail punching shear reinforcement and Egcobox thermal break connectors.

Sealing Technologies for watertight concrete structures

All water bearing concrete structures with high end use requirements or water retaining concrete structures depend on reliable watertightness. A diversified product portfolio is available to deliver proven answers to waterproofing challenges.

Shearail - Punching Shear Reinforcement

Shearail is a CARES and BBA approved prefabricated punching shear solution which incases the shear resistance of a slab and safely transfers the shear load from the slab to the column.

Stremaform - formwork elements for construction joints

Stremaform formwork elements are used as lost formwork in floor slabs, ceilings and walls. Stremaform is also suited for all types of working joints, controlled crack joints and expansion joints within the construction industry.

Zemdrain - CPF formwork liner

Zemdrain controlled permeability formliners (CPF) considerably improve the quality of the concrete surfaces of vertical and inclined walls.

Showing 1-16 of 16