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Anti Terrorist Truck Planter

The Kent Anti Terrorist Planter is supported by the PAS 68 removable bollard core which is set towards the front side of the planter that is exposed to the possible threat. This core gives the planter the extra strength to withstand a potential impact of a car or truck. The Kent Anti Terrorist Planter is supported by a 2400 mm x 900 mm foundation which is fitted with a rebar cage and concrete fill grade C50 The Pas 68 removable bollards are then inserted into the fittings and the planter is then placed on top. This design makes it capable to withstand a 7500 kg Truck at 48 km/h (30 mph).

The Kent Anti Terrorism Planter is currently installed in London.

Features and benefits:

  • Stops a 7500 kg Truck at 48 km/h (30mph).
  • Fully complies with BSI PAS68:2007.
  • 2400 mm x 900 mm Foundation.
  • Iroko Timber Perimeter Capping.

Cleanroom Gully

Round body gully with round or square top, bottom outlet.

Coffin Bollard

Stainless steel bollard with coffin for retraction.

Commercial Gully (Vinyl Floor)

The KVV225 (PT) Plain Top Gully is a round top stainless steel gully for vinyl and flexible floor areas. It is light duty and used in pedestrian and commercial applications - most often in Hospitals, Gyms, Leisure Centres, Showers but also used for lighter duty traffic areas of factories (laboratories) and other hygienic areas.

It is supplied as standard with a lockdown plain top grating. It is commonly ordered on its own (trapped by a P Bend or S Bend elsewhere in the system), or with a KFT110 Foul Air Trap. For Areas which require height adjustment it is complemented by the KVBO Body. Also when a side outlet version is needed it is complemented by a KHBO body - see below.

Kent Stainless KVV225 Gullies are exstock in Ireland and offer excellent value for money. Due to their lightweight construction they can be air freighted with an 8-10 day delivery period.

Features and benefits:

  • Grade 304 (1.4301) or 316 (1.4401) Stainless Steel to BS EN 10088.
  • Ex Stock.
  • Satin finish as standard.
  • Lock down as standard.

Commercial Rodding Eye (High Footfall)

This Top Part (TP) Rodding Eye is designed for use primarily on Tiled Floors to suit a 6” tile and also suits Concrete Floors and Epoxy Resin Floors. The KR161 is a sealed rodding eye.

The fixed height version can be complemented with an adjustable height body (See KH Body or KV Body) which becomes model KR161/110.

Features and benefits:

  • Grade 304 (1.4301) or 316 (1.4401) Stainless Steel to BS EN 10088.
  • 110 mm diameter outlet.
  • Satin finish as standard.
  • Ex stock.
  • Lock down as standard.

Factory Bump Rail

Factory-style bump rails designed primarily to protect insulated wall panels from damage from trolleys, mobile bin units and pallet trucks.

Frankfurt Bin

Pole mounted, stainless steel litter bin.

Hidden Lock Socket

Stainless steel hidden lock socket for use with removable bollards.

Hinged Industrial Manhole Cover

Hinged industrial manholes can be fabricated to any dimension.

Designed to be filled with material to match the surrounding floor finish – concrete, resin or tiles. The product is supplied with a double food grade silicone sponge 'P' seal as standard.

The loading is FACTA AAA as standard, care should be taken to note the structural opening size and the clear opening size. The clear opening is reduced on one side because of the Lift Assist Struts and the Hinged Safety Grid.

Features and benefits:

  • Manufactured from grade (304L) or (316L) stainless steel.
  • Robust continuous piano hinge as standard.
  • Two lifting points with locks as standard.
  • The product includes Gas struts on the smaller sizes or Kent Lift Assist Mechanical Struts on larger sizes.
  • The product can be supplied with enclosed fire rated insulated panels.

Industrial Double Contained Gully

This Double Contained Gully Horizontal outlet is a version of our KH215 Gully. A Dual Contained Gully for areas with the possibility of corrosive, hazardous and high temperature fluids. All flow rates and loadings can be catered for and gullies are most often tailor made to suit specific site requirements. This gully is also the gully most commonly connected to our Double Contained Channel.

Standard Versions have a 10 mm seat to accept 3 mm thick or 10 mm thick perforated grating. DS or Deep Swage versions have a 25 mm deep seat to accept mesh gratings from 2 mm or 3mm thick steel and ladder gratings from 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm or 10 mm thick steel. Flow rates shown can be increased on request.

The KVB110 Bell Trap is supplied as standard and is easily removable for rodding on all bottom outlet versions. This gully is often fully welded to the centre, end or underside of the KSBC Box150DC Channel range.

Features and benefits:

  • Grade 304 (1.4301) or 316 (1.4401) Stainless Steel to BS EN 10088.
  • Fully Dye Pen Tested Fully Pneumatic Pressure tested to 7psi.
  • Usable in both heavy and light duty areas.
  • Suitable for internal factory drainage.
  • Suitable Floor Finish: Tiled Floor, Epoxy Resin Floor or Concrete Floor.


Two-part balcony drain for residential use.

Showing 1-36 of 105