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Jacksons Fencing is a leading UK designer, manufacturer and installer of innovative, fencing, gates, acoustic barriers, automation, access controls and fully integrated, high security perimeter solutions. Their products are designed to provide secure enclosures, whether as secure attractive demarcation or, in extremes, to prevent forced or unauthorized entry or exit. Jacksons Fencing’s high security portfolio includes Government Approved products (CPNI), LPCB LPS 1175 - Security Rated 1-5 and Secured by Design products with PAS 68 crash rated bollards and road blockers to suit whilst our residential range is also suitable for a varied range of applications.

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Trade names

  • Alarma-aFence
  • Alarmafence®
  • Barbican® Sentry®
  • EnviroFence®
  • EuroGuard®
  • Jacksons AUTO-GATES®
  • Jacksons Expert Installer®
  • Jacksons Fine Fencing Systems®
  • Jacksons Fine Fencing®
  • Jacksons®
  • Jakcure®
  • Jakoustic®
  • Jaktronic®
  • Jakwall
  • Linebacker®
  • Rota Spike®
  • Securi-Mesh®
  • Securi-Mesh® Playtime®
  • Trident®
  • Tri-Guard®
  • Viper Spike 3®
  • Viper Spike®