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Art Exposure Carpet Tile Collection

Art Exposures elegant textures range from organic, linear and geometric to abstract designs, answering your most divergent design needs.

Art Fields Carpet Tile Collection

The beauty of Art Fields lies in its ability to achieve a gradual and organic transition between colours. Its natural colour flow is not only peaceful and soothing, but functional as well: it creates a natural border between two functional spaces. How? Its secret is the combination of three different carpet tiles, each with a specific yarn composition. The textured grey surface of Shared Path serves as the base, Organic Shift mixes this grey base with sporadic colour accents patterned throughout, and finally transfers into Full Shift. Here the balance is shifted and colour takes the upper hand. Perfect for highlighting functional zones! With Art Fields, you get to pair the performance and beauty of the Art carpet tile collections with even more design possibilities.

Art Style Carpet Tile Collection

Expose your creative potential with the three elegant products in Art Style: Shared Path, Disruptive Path and Metallic Path. Shared Path: Designers often chose the path less taken to create memorable spaces. Art Styles product duo makes the journey more exciting with Shared Path, a nuanced textured pattern with universal appeal. Disruptive Path: Art and design can occasionally be an unexpected, yet extraordinary, journey. Art Styles Disruptive Path supports this notion with a neutral solid ground pattern that reveals electrifying bright accents. Metallic Path: With metallic path a luminous metallic accent yarn was added to the nuanced textured pattern of shared path, revealing a luxurious appeal.

Balanced Hues Carpet Tile Collection

Inspired by characteristic British tweed, Balanced Hues instantly invokes that same timeless classic feel. This modern flooring twist on a stylish fashion fabric adds a touch of the upper classes to any space. With Balanced Hues, you can practically smell the warm fires, hearty cup of tea or tasty scones coming from its fibres. And the best part? Balanced Hues was created using the same colour bank as IVCs Art collections, meaning it can be combined with almost limitless possibilities!

Denim Carpet Tile Collection

Inspired by a timeless wardrobe staple, our Denim collection takes flooring design to an unprecedented level of versatility. Spread out in three styles Zip It, Hem and Jean - the collection offers a classic yet comfortable look that works in all kinds of settings. Use the Denim collections strategically to create quiet, peaceful work areas with a vintage and always fashionable edge. Moreover, seven coordinating ColorBeat designs add an additional splash of vibrant colour to your project, allowing your creativity to roam free.

Earth to Sky Carpet Tile Collection

Inspired by the universes radiant beauty, the Earth to Sky collection conjures up textures, colours and patterns found in raw, wild environments. The collection reveals breathtaking changing hues and deep shadowy tones, mirroring the depths of the earth and the far reaches of the cosmos. Lustrous metallic yarns and innovative tufting technology enhance the colour palettes even more, offering glimmers of natural light and a dense, chromatic feel. Earth to Sky comes in two modular sizes, 24 x 24 square and 12 x 36 plank, for a floor that bursts with tonal colours and surprising texture shifts.

Expedition I Carpet Tile Collection

Throughout its history on earth, humankind has witnessed various phenomena, often leaving us in awe of natures beauty. Inspired by these wonders, the four Expedition I styles offer stunning solutions for corporate offices and healthcare environments. Moreover, eight coordinating ColorBeat designs add an additional splash of serene colours to your project, allowing your creativity to roam free.

Expedition II Carpet Tile Collection

As long humankind has lived on this planet, our quest for new frontiers has never ended. The Expedition II collection builds on humanitys adventures in uncharted territory, with its shifting planes of light and swirling celestial bodies. Pushing the boundaries of commercial flooring design, the three styles allow you to blend intense colours and surprising hues from the deep seas to the far reaches of the cosmos, to create a truly unique visual language. Moreover, our coordinating ColorBeat design adds an additional splash of vibrant colour to your project, allowing your creativity to roam free.

Get Smart Carpet Tile Collection

Heavy-use facilities, like schools, libraries and offices, require highperforming and durable carpets. The Get Smart collection innovates through smarter design, creating top-quality carpets that combine graphic design with eclectic and subtle colour blends. Moreover, our coordinating ColorBeat design adds an additional splash of deep accent colour to your project, allowing your creativity to roam free.

IVC Accessories Collection

IVC's accessories portfolio that help with installation and create the perfect finish for all flooring types.

LayRed 55 Rigid Core LVT Collection

With a strong and rigid core and integrated sound-reducing underlay beneath a high-performance vinyl wear layer, IVCs LayRed 55 is engineered to overcome your flooring challenges. The only plank to combine strength, comfort, acoustics and design; LayRed 55 is constructed from 12 layers, each with an important part in ensuring this floor can overcome everything from subfloor condition to speed of installation, acoustics, wear and ease of maintenance. At the heart of LayRed 55 lies a rigid vinyl core with the worlds only dual-layer glass fibre reinforcement. Non-telegraphing over uneven subfloors, the core also has a compact vinyl top layer that combats indentation and impact damage.

Moduleo Expressive LVT Collection

Moduleo 55 Expressive is the ultimate blend of imagination and innovation. Its twelve looks range from natural to abstract, from authentic reproductions to original creations. Whats more: Moduleo 55 Expressive boasts the best dimensional stability on the market and a 0.55 mm thick scratch, stain, wear and water-resistant layer, perfect for medium to high commercial traffic. The collection offers you unprecedented creative freedom on a silver platter: designs are cut precisely to the final plank or tile size, creating complex looks that are impossible using other materials. Combine random puzzle patterns and super structures together, and your project will radiate pure originality.

Moduleo Impressive LVT Collection

With Moduleo 55 Impressive, you really welcome nature into the room. Its 35 authentic colours the widest offer available today depict the bounty of our planet with unprecedented precision. And theres little pattern repeat, so whichever design you pick, the result will be flawlessly natural. Wood and slate textures are brought to life by embossing the floors in register: what you see is exactly what you feel. Whats more, Moduleo 55 Impressive boasts the best dimensional stability on the market and a 0.55 mm thick scratch, stain, wear and water-resistant layer, ideal for medium to high commercial

Nomad Loose Lay Heterogenous Vinyl Collection

Digital nomads combine work, education and travel as they explore the world. IVCs Nomad collection combines this flexibility with ultimate comfort and a unique personality. The loose-lay heterogeneous vinyl floors are easy to install, and since no glue is used, they are a breeze to take out again. And with the versatile modern and traditional wood designs, concrete looks and playful colours, theres a trendy style for every place and time

Step Up Barrier Matting Collection

Offices, hotels, schools, public buildings and restaurants theyre all faced with plenty of traffic and a lot of potentially floor-damaging factors. The solution? Step Up. By installing this carpet flooring in the hallway over a span of approximately 6 footsteps, its possible to catch up to 80% of all incoming dirt before it hits the main floor. This barrier mat forms an organic buffer between the outdoors and the inside, scraping the dirt from any shoes that tread on it. The result is a captivating entryway in every sense of the word and beautiful, flawless flooring throughout the rest of the building.

Street Thread Carpet Tile Collection

The Street Thread collection gives you the flexibility to define unique visual spaces in open environments. Its contrasting colours and patterns together generate street smart designs, fit for any interior. Inspired by the work of leading street artists, the collections three designs blend bold geometric and gradient shapes into a distinctly urban, modern aesthetic. Moreover, eight coordinating ColorBeat designs add an additional splash of vibrant colour to your project, allowing your creativity to roam free.

Showing 1-23 of 23