Magply Non-Combustible Fire Protection Boards for Timber Frame, Light Gauge Steel Frame. Roofing

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IPP is a UK manufacturer of innovative and environmentally friendly products for the Construction Industry. Based in Essex the company was founded with a background in roofing materials and thermal insulation . The company is constantly evolving with new product lines for Architects, Builders and Roofing, available through a network of Builders & Roofing Merchants. Magply Non-Combustible Fire Protection Boards and Cemgold Building Boards can all be installed in different building applications which include Roofing, Timber Frame, Passive Fire Protection, Light Gauge Steel Frame, Render, Modular Build and Loft Conversions, Products are tested to EN Standards and a number of Products carry Agrément Certification, and Local Building Control Approval, all readily available along with Alumaflex Multi-Foil and Natuwool Insulation

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Trade names

  • A1 Non-Combustible Building Board
  • Alumaflex Multi-Foil Insulation
  • Black Mountain Insulation
  • Cellulose Fibre Cement Board
  • Cement Particle Boards
  • Cemgold Building Board
  • Fire Protection Board
  • Magply Euroclass A1 Fire Protection Board
  • Magply Renderboard
  • Multi-Foil Insulation Fibre Cement Board
  • Natural Insulation
  • Resistant Boards
  • Roofing and Cladding Materials